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Wii U

No description


on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Wii U

Giuseppe Persico
Xuyi Chen
Jianpeng Lu
Lingzi Zhang
Tinghung Tsai
Prepared by
Nintendo was founded in
Kyoto, Japan in 1989
Generated $204, 060, 000
revenue in 2012
Current problems
Management decision problem – Low Sale
Marketing research problem
Lack the knowledge of customer’s perception about the product
Poor communication channels
Research Objectives
Examining product’s (Wii U) awareness
Gaining insight of customer perception
Discovering a better way to promote product (Wii U)
Research Approach
Focus groups
Research Framework
Evoked Set
Select the Channel
How customer
access the Channel
Research Questions
and Hypotheses
Are consumers aware of Wii U?
How do current customers gain information regarding the Wii U?
What are customers’ attitudes toward to the Wii U?
Are customers aware of the difference between Wii U and Wii?
Are there any gaps between customers’ perception and Nintendo’s ideal perception?
What communication channels can increase intentions for customers to purchase the Wii U?
To determine effective communication channels and gain insight towards to customers’ purchasing intentions
Comprise of 6 to 9 people
Formed into different classified groups
Will be conducted at least on five occasions
Whole process will be taken roughly 2 hours
Focus group
To identify customers’ awareness of the Wii U as ell as their intentions to purchase the product
Mall-intercept personal interviews and Electronic surveys
Should be conducted in Melbourne and Sydney
Roughly 3,000 samples will be taken in the survey.
Proposed Analysis
Analysis of the result
of Focus Group
Analysis of Questionnaires
October 25th
Research Proposal Completely Finalised and Questionnaire fully developed. Questionnaire is ready to be sent to consumers
October 28th
Questionnaires sent out to consumers
November 11th
Focus Group
Sessions Begin
November 18th
Focus Group
Sessions End
December 22nd
Findings are Set in Stone and Published

Any Question?
You !!
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