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Dental Hygienist

No description

Taylor Shepard

on 17 May 2017

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Transcript of Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienist
Taylor Shepard
Senior Project
Centralia High School

After doing research and a job shadow on a dental hygienist it allowed me to decide whether or not this is the career I want to pursue after high school.
Dental hygienists need an assosciates degree in dental hygiene
Programs typically take 3 years but could take 4 years to complete
Shorline community college offers a dental hygiene program that prepares one for the Dental Hygiene National Board Exam given by the American Dental Association
Education and Training
Job skills, Talents & Experience

A starting dental hygienist in washington would make $32.02 an hour, $66,600 annually
National average a dental hygienist makes annually is $72,330
Highest paid wage for dental hygienists is California where they make $93,920 a year on average
Senior/experienced dental hygienist have a higher salary than that of a starting or junior dental hygienist
Skills one must have include sturdy on his/her feet, good listening skills, be passionate, good communication/people skills, patience, teach patients oral hygiene
By working at McDonalds I have aquired some of these needed skills
Shadowing a dentist helps gain experience
Benefits/Health Factors
Fourty-one percent of hygienists who work out of one office for four or more days a week recieve health insurance from their employer. only seven percent who work three days or less a week recieve insurance
Health risks present in the dental office are radiation, musculoskeletal disorders, respiratory disorders, exposure to infections(HIV)
Many hygienists suffer from strained posture from working in one position for long periods


Across all careers in the U.S. the dental hygiene field is expected to rise at triple the average growth rate
People are realizing oral health is linked to overall health, more dental hygienists are needed
RDH eVillage survey said 68% of dental hygienists found it relatively easy to find a job in WA
Typical Day
Starts off with morning huddle, all staff gather to talk about the plan
Rest is pretty routine, typically see 8 patients a day one hour each (periodontal appts take longer)
Hours of a full time hygienist are consistent
Hygienists take x-rays, educate patients on dental hygiene, review medical history, administer anesthetic when needed, complete chart notes for each patient, recommend hygiene treatment, schedule next appointment, discuss all treatment needs for the patient with the dentist

About me...
Born and raised in Centralia
Pottery & Art are my favorite classes
Soccer is my favorite sport
Volunteered at the animal shelter
Culinary Arts
I work at McDonalds
After researching this
career and doing a job
shadow, this is still the
career I plan to purusue.

Job Shadow
Kristine Newman, Angela Salisbury
Wilson & Wilson Dentistry
Any questions..?
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