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Patterns of Organization

No description

Melody Kowach

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Patterns of Organization

Patterns of Organization Simple Listing In this pattern, the order of details is not important Definition & Example Time Order / Sequence In this pattern, ideas are presented in the order in which they occurred or in a specific order (depending on the sequence). Compare and Contrast What are patterns of organization? Why do we need to know them? How supporting details are organized
I.E. Wandering story When information is organized, your mind assimilates the information more efficiently.
Also useful for writing. Signal words: Also
Too Example : Simple Listing

There are several things you should remember when interviewing for a job. First, arrive on time. Secondly, dress like a successful company employee. Also, don’t smoke, chew gum, or accept food, even if offered. In addition
Etc. This pattern is found primarily in textbooks; a word or concept is introduced then explained/ described/ defined. Signal words: Defined as
which means
which are For example
To illustrate
For instance
Such as Example : Definition and Example

Acrophobia is an intense, unreasonable fear of high places. People with acrophobia exhibit emotional and physical symptoms in response to being at great heights. For instance, one sufferer of extreme acrophobia, Andrea Copeland, is unable to go above the third floor of any building without feeling enormous anxiety. Her acrophobia began on evening when she was working alone in her office on the eighth floor of a large building. Suddenly she was struck with terror. She gathered her things and left the building. Yet, she still has no rational explanation for her fear, which is also typical of this type of phobia. Signal Words: First, Second, third, etc.
After this The famous Leaning Tower of Pisa has been tilting for over 800 years, and recent improvements should allow it to continue tilting for another 300 more. On August 9, 1173, construction began on this well known italian bell tower. Almost immediately, it began leaning because it was being erected on the soft silt of a buried riverbed. Between 1178 and 1360, work stopped and started two more times as workers tried to continue the project and figure out how to compensate for the tilt. Over the next six centuries, the tower's lean continued to increase, although tourists were still allowed to visit. Then, in 1990, Italy's prime minister feared the tower would collapse and closed it to the public. From 1999 to 2001, engineers excavated soil from beneath the tower. Now, the tower still leans out about 15 feet beyond its base, but it should remain stable for several more centuries. Example: Time Order Example : Sequence There are several steps to writing a successful essay. The first thing you should do is select a topic and brainstorm ideas. Then you will need to write a thesis. After the thesis is complete, an outline should be used to structure the essay. Most importantly, you must actually write the essay. Finally, don't forget to edit and revise! If you follow these steps, you're sure to write an excellent essay for your next class. The information in this pattern is organized to emphasize the similarities and / or differences between two or more items or topics. Signal Words : Similarly
The same as
Compared to
Just like But , yet
On the other hand
In contrast
On the contrary Example : Comparison & Contrast

Taking care of a dog and taking care of a cat are two completely different beasts. For one thing, dogs need a lot of your attention. They love to play, or always want you to hold and pet them. On the other hand, cats are very independent. They typically don't need a whole of attention, except the occasional brushing or play time with a piece of string. Also, dogs must be trained to go to the bathroom outside whereas cats can be trained to use the litter box or toilet. It seems like just about the only thing that dogs and cats have in common is that they both need food, water, and your love. Cause and Effect This pattern describes or discusses an event or action that is caused by another event or action. Signal Words: Because
For this reason
Due to
On account of If this, then this
As a result
Consequently Therefore
In effect Example: Cause & Effect

Traffic accidents are more likely to result during evening rush hour because drivers are tired and respond slowly. Also, there are more cars during rush hour so the margin for error is much smaller as well. Some paragraphs may utilize more than one pattern at the same time. Example:
People with money tend to have more power. This fact is apparent in the domination of top government positions by the wealthy. Higher-income persons are more likely to feel a strong sense of power. As a result, they are more likely to be politically active, working to keep or increase their power. In contrast, lower-income people are more likely to feel powerless to influence political decisions. Therefore, they are more indifferent to politics and less likely to be involved in political activity.

What two patterns are being used in this example? Description This pattern is used to describe the topic. Signal words: Is
Described as
Looks like
Features Example : Description

The Statue of Liberty is a 151-foot bronze statue that stands on Liberty Island in Upper New York Bay. The statue shows Liberty as a proud woman whose crown represents the light of liberty shining on the seven seas and seven continents.
Which two patterns are being used in this example?

Optimists are better able to cope with stress than pessimists. Optimistic people expect positive outcomes, which helps them be more stress-resistant. Pessimists, on the other hand, often feel a sense of hopelessness. A study of men from Finland revealed that those who reported moderate to high feelings of hopelessness died at two to three times the rates of those reporting low or no hopelessness.
The End.
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