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Technology Evaluation in the UAE

No description

Christophe Boeraeve

on 7 August 2015

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Transcript of Technology Evaluation in the UAE

HH Mohammed bin Rashid
Al Maktoum
A vision
Expected policies
Legal framework
Key Elements
Leader's vision
By: Christophe Boeraeve, Esquire
« To ensure success, we have to join the race and win. After all, no one ever remembers who came second : not even the second man to climb Everest or walk on the moon! »
My vision : challenges in the race for
A unique development experience : pioneers
International hub
Knowledge economy
My Vision
International hub
Knowledge Economy
Laylat al-Qadr
Creative people
Modern rulers
Continuous adaptation
Arabic and Arab civilization
Concrete actions
Major trends in policies
Investing more in KBC than in physical capital
Higher Value Added and Competitiveness
Promote high sophisticated technology as fast as possible
Policies and legal aspects
Creative human resources
Laylat al-Qadr
Across Europe investment in KBC accounted for 20% to 25% of average labour productivity growth between 1995 and 2008
"The value of Made in Germany or Made in Switzerland mark, if not worth billion, is priceless. The mere existence of these words on any product assures consumers everywhere that they are not only buying the product, but investing in perfection that goes with it"
We want to reach a similar situation, where the mark
Made In Dubai
will be synonymous with Excellence, not only the Gulf region and the Arab world, but all around the Globe
Winning the race
Commitment to quality
"Failure is not falling to the ground; it is remaining there once you have fallen and the greatest failure is when you decide not to
up again"
Nations can only overtake other nations through
and not military power, as testified by history
The economy is a nation's bread and butter; its stability, prosperity and politics; and the essence of mutual relations and interests between nations. The presence of all those factors at any one time may spark the
of some people and lead them to pursue their visions. This is how civilisations are built.
We are heading towards industrialization and want the goods we manufacture to bear a prestigious mark with all that it involves in quality and commitments to international standards and specifications
Lingua franca
for science, astronomy, philosophy, physics, history, architecture, mathematics, medicine, politics,diplomacy... trade and industry!
My response was firm : "Where is the progress in keeping pace with the competition ? If our sole goal is to attain the level others have reached, then we are setting our target too low.
We must take matters into our own hands
. Do not fool yourselves into believing that we are moving forward when we are only keeping up with general trends, while the real opportunities are slipping away"
God gave his believers sight, vision and perception to understand their environment and the consequences of their actions, both today and tomorrow.

We refer to this
as :
Every morning a
wakes up knowing that it must run faster than the
to stay alive. Every morning a
wakes up knowing it must out run the slowest
to stay alive.
It doesn't matter if you're the
or the
but when the sun comes up, you better be
Fight-or-Flight-or-Freeze ?
How do we react to Tech challenges ?
Fight ?
Lust for power should not prevail over granting people the love and care they deserve and the interests and destiny of one individual should note become more important that those of a whole nation
1. Long-standing
2. Improve access to
for small innovative firms
between SME who
the Technology and SMEs who
the technology
4. strengthen frameworks that foster
5. Industrial products to have
excellent quality and specifications
Made in the UAE
to be on international level
Excellence and creativity in
architecture, buildings, machinery, equipment, trade, tourism...
I want the Arabs to take initiatives, excel and make inroads in all fields. This is what we are trying to do in the UAE and in Dubai. Although we are proud of our past achievements, we strive to accomplish greater ones. Yes, we will never feel satisfied until all Arabs prosper, achieve and excel.
New sources of growth: Knowledge-based capital
The rise of KBC creates new challenges for policymakers, for business and for the ways in which economic activity is measured. Many policy frameworks and institutions are still best suited to a world in which physical capital drove growth.
New thinking
is needed to update a range of
conditions – from
tax and competition policies to corporate reporting, personal data and intellectual property right
72 pc of the houses in the UAE are connected via fiber optics .
Key steps will be :

1) Identification of what is technology : is it new or not ? Does it have a future ? Can we produce/develop it ?
2) What are the different elements in this technology and the rules that apply to each element
3) how does it work, made available and is distributed for the good of the society
1) 3 steps :
- Evaluation rules
- Incentives and Sanctions
- Environment that fosters creativity and expertise for developping the technology
2) Tax, legal, IP/IT, labor,... all in the direction of technology excellence
3) Protection/safeness is key for ROI and worldwide reputation : IT, unfair competition,...

UAE laws are made for low level workers, eg the indian taxi driver, and not enough for scientists and inventors. Policies and law for evaluation of IT, this will help finance the projects by the banks and governmental authorities.

knowledge-based capital -
We are investing a lot in using/consuming the technology but we are not investing in
the technology.
The winner of the race will be the one that
technology, not the one that uses it
If you develop technology, you are a race ahead. If you don't develop today,
you cannot compete
The one that uses the technology the sooner is now the winner. In the future, the winner will be the one that
develops technology

the sooner
Growth, Innovation And Competitiveness: Maximising The Benefits Of Knowledge-Based Capital
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13-14 February 2013
Paris – OECD Conference Centre
Design, new concept development, R&D, marketing, branding or customer service
1. Enlarge our concept of innovation beyond the conventional view in which R&D is preminent : design, computerised information and new forms of workplace organisation
2. Take full advantage of the absence taxation
3. Encourage firms to experiment with potential growth opportunities : favorable bankruptcy laws
4. well-functioning product and labour markets
5. Effective systems of debt and early-stage equity finance
6. Do more in the area of intellectual property rights (IPR)
"I cannot think of a more intelligent strategy to promote long-term and sustainable growth than investing in KBC." Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General
Improving the data on the returns to innovative activity =
Over the last 30 years, the share of U.S. multinationals foreign direct

investment in tax havens has increased from 19 to 44 percent
A growing number of MNEs are transferring intellectual property to foreign affiliates which. Often the transfer is to a country with lower tax rates than the country of the parent, which is important in high-tax countries such as the United States. Between 1977 and 2007 the share of US parent companies’ receipts for the sale or use of intangible assets and for royalties and licence fees from taxhaven countries increased from 13 per cent to 37 per cent of all receipts of royalties and licence fees from foreign affiliates.
The UAE labor laws are made for low level workers and not enough for
We need Policies and Rules for the
of IT, this will help finance the projects by the
governmental authorities
The new economy does not need huge manufacturing and production complexes =
SME's to bring in Technology products
Since this age requires extremely fast responses and depends on highly sophisticated technology, it has also been called the age of technology
According to the international institute of development, UAE is among the top countries in Middle east who have the Technology experts. Indeed, the expertise is in
the technology. We in UAE have a lack of expertise on
the technology
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