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Matthew DePaula

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of Compass

The eight locations
Main Inspirations
-Summer Camp in North Carolina:
-2 years as counselor
-1 year as a wilderness counselor

Theatrics in Music:
-Having the performer move
-Performer "becomes" the compass
A Musical Journey
through Nature

Nature in Music
20th & 21st Century:
Music about Nature
Benjamin Britten
- Aaron Copland
- Ferde Grofe
- Gyorgy Ligeti
- Olivier Messiaen
- Arnold Schoenberg
- Cyril Scott
- Peter Sculthorpe
- Ramon Zupko
- 8 stands in an octagonal shape
- approximately 7.5' in diameter

Order of Performance:
- Begins by facing the audience
- Whichever direction that faces, that is the movement (i.e. Nicholas is facing North, he will begin the work by performing the "North" movement)
- The following movement is the one 45-degrees to the right (i.e. Nicholas will perform "Northeast" following "North")
- Naturally, the performer will turn 45-degrees to the right after each movement to perform the movement that follows
Performance by
Nicholas Nickerson
20th & 21st Century:
Solo Bassoon Music
- Paul Arma
- Leslie Bassett
- Luciano Berio
- Marshall Bialosky
- Marcel Bitsch
- E. Bourdeau
- Eugene Bozza
- Robert Capanna
- Elliott Carter
- Francis Chagrin
- Edison Denisov
- Dieter Hahnchen
- Paul Hayden
- Gordon Jacob
- Simon Kovar
- Libby Larsen
- Willson Osborne
- Martial Solal
- Bruce J. Taub
- Isang Yun
Eight Movements, in order of composition
North: "A moose and a woodpecker, the first snow melt"
Norteast: "A walk up Katahdin"
East: "Song birds on a quiet morning..."
Southeast:"Look into the water, what do you see?"
South: "Journey to Greater Waters"
Southwest: "Stepping through the Great Unconformity"
West: "The Great Wilderness"
Northwest: "Beyond the Horizon"
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