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English presentation about Australia / realised by Laurie Berthet

University of Savoy / IAE Savoie Mont-Blanc (FRANCE) / Elodie Périllat&Laurie Berthet (M1 DCI) 2012/0213

Laurie Berthet

on 11 April 2018

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Transcript of English presentation about Australia / realised by Laurie Berthet

Third largest town in the Northern Territory.
Situated in the centre of Australia or the Red Centre
Alice Springs
Aboriginal culture
Native people of Australia who probably came from somewhere in Asia. The population of aborigines is about 2% of the Australian population as a whole.
Before the settlement of Australia by Europeans, the Aborigines were hunters and lived semi nomadic lives. They used throwing weapons such as spears, and boomerangs.
Total population = 517,000
2% of Australia's population
Northern Territory = 32%
Western Australia = 4%
Queensland = 3%
New South Wales = 2%
South Australia = 2%
Victoria = 1%
The problem : government wanted to make Aboriginal people give up their traditional customs 
The English were racist to the aborigines by disrespecting their culture.
No written language – Only art
Important relationship with the land.
Spiritual life : the aboriginal religion is based on nature.
In Alice Springs there are a lot of sacred sites
Strange signes
Alice Springs is a major tourist destination associated with several outback icons.
Landscapes attract around 300 000 visitors to Alice annually.
Negative impacts from tourism on the environment:
-Depletion of natural resources
-Physical impacts
Uluru is a large sandstone rock. Uluru is sacred to the Anangu.
Attraction for visitors : climb Uluru, while the local Aangu do not climb because of its great spiritual significance.
Hoping you have enjoyed this presentation
For more information about the infographic: 50 insane facts about Australia
The Great Barrier Reef
is composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands stretching for over 2,600 kilometres over an area of approximately 344,400 square kilometres.
The reef is located in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland.
This is Wally, a friendly Maori Wrasse that you can approach while you are snorkeling.
There are about 140 species of snakes in Australia.
Australia is the only country where there are more venomous snakes than non-venomous.
There is about 300 000 different species living in Australia whom:
83 % of mammals,
89 % of reptiles,
90 % of fishes and insects
93 % of amphibians can't be found in other places than Australia
Hey Chicks!
Learn the difference
It's a Wallaby
It's a Kangaroo
Smaller legs
More rounded
It's an urban myth that the name kangaroo is the result of a misunderstanding, and developed from an Aboriginal word meaning "I don't know", or "I don't understand".
I've given everything for this presentation !
Elodie Périllat & Laurie Berthet
Realised by Laurie Berthet for
IAE Savoie Mont-Blanc
M1 DCI 2012-2013
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