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No description

Sydney Bosko

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Stocks

Ticker symbol:
FDX Sydney Bosko
Period 2
12-12-12 Courier Industry

This company delivers messages, packages, and mail via postage. Its a delivery services company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.
Book Value-28.35B
Price/Earning Ratio is 14.14
Dividends are 0.56
Earnings Per Share-6.40
Current Stock Price-$90.25
Stock Classification is Blue Chip and Cyclical http://www.thedividendpig.com/the-hershey-company-dividend-stock-analysis/
http://stockbrainiac.com/otc-bulletin-board-2/otc-stocks/ Ticker -HSY Ticker-GOLD Ticker-VZ Ticker-NFLX Industry-Video rental/Streaming Industry-Telecommunications Food- industry What do they do? They are providers of on-demand Internet streaming media. They also deliver flat rate DVD-by-mail in the United States.
Book Value is 4.78B
Price/Earning Ratio is 111.08
Earnings Per Share- 0.78
Current Stock Price is $86.08
Stock Classification- Cyclical, Income What do they do? They are a chocolate manufacturer in North America. They serve worldwide.
Book Value-16.36B
Price/Earnings Ratio-25.72
Earning Per Share-2.85
Beta- 0.09
Current Stock Price is 73.31
Stock Classification- Blue Chip Mining Industry The company does gold mining business, which is operated mainly in Mali. They focus mainly on 4 mines.
Book Value-9.33B
Price Earnings Ratio- 21.98
Dividends- 0.38
Earnings Per Share- 4.61
Beta- 0.31
Current Stock Price- 102.89
Stock Classification- Speculative This company provides a mobile network operating system. The largest communications services provider in the United States Book Value-126.83B
Price/ Earnings Ratio- 41.07
Dividends- 2.06
Earnings Per Share- 1.08
Current Stock Prices- 44.52
Stock Classification-Value, Blue-Chip
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