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Lesson Plan

I hope you would learn with these amusing activities !!!!

Klaudia Anaya

on 9 May 2010

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Transcript of Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan
Step 2
Step 1
Accept the invitation I sent you to your e-mail
Join to my community
For 6th grade students
Go to grammar tab and put click on it
Then wil appear a window like that
Read the explanation about adjectives
Step 3
After read the explanation about adjectives, go to grammar tab and put click on "grammar exercise" subtab, like in the picture.
Appear a window like that...
Do the activity suggested
Step 4
Next go to the nex subtab called "Write an e-mail to Santa"
Fill in the gaps, and in the gaps where you have to name the things you want, describe them with an adjective. In the p.s. you have to include adjectives too.
Step 5
Now you have to check if you have learned something about adjectives, then you have to go to the subtab " Grammar quiz"
Step 6
Grammar part has finished, now you are going to learn vocabulary related with Christmas in the tab "Vocabulary", put click on it!!!
Do the exercises that the page offers you
Step 7
Now is time to read interesting stories about Christmas, put click on "Reading" tab..
Play the story "A Christmas Carol", I know you will like it..
Step 8
Go to the subtab "Rudolph"
There you could help Santa to find his reindeer Rudolph..
Step 9
Here you could know the story of nativity
Go to the subtab "The nativity story"
Step 10
Go to "Listening" tab
See the video and complete the quiz
Step 11
Now is time to practice pronunciation with this funny page...
You have to do the exercises that the page offers..
Step 12
Go to the video "A Christmas Carol" and see it
Step 13
Go to voxopop link
Appear this page
Step 14
Put click on the main discussion, then you have to listen my intervention about the video and the story you already saw and read
Here you have to record youself!!!
Step 15
Take part in voicethread community and discuss about the topic I mentioned!!!
Note: activities I mention in this lesson plan must be made by the students in one week. Students select the time they would take in each activity.
Now you could explore the blog, add music, photos, videos and so on
I hope you have learned
That is all my lesson
Even you could manage your page
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