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Fukuji & Lum

Internship - Fukuji & Lum

nohea pangkee

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Fukuji & Lum

My Internship Do you experience... joint pain?
sore/tight muscles?
back pain?
If so, physical therapy might be for you... ...and I might (one day) be "just what the doctor ordered!" Where I worked... Fukuji & Lum Physical Therapy
Pali Medical Bldg
1834 Nuuanu Ave Suite 101
Honolulu, HI 96817 when I worked... <MWF 2:00-7:00pm> Who I worked with... Vanessa Nathan Lollie Donabell Adel Duties... HEP
greeting patients
prep area
clerical duties
some manual/massage What else? Observation of:
manual techniques
massage techniques
joint mobes Nohea Pangkee
Kokua A Puni Created by: Nohea Pangkee Patient attitudes/Injuries depressed
like to talk
language barriers adhesive capsulitis
post surgery (knee, shoulder)
Patella Chondromalacia (runners knee)
Radiculopathy (in shoulder, legs, back) 3 more things! #2 Try these
Glossopharyngeal breathing
spread fingers
deep breath
face the baby! "Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it." (Unknown Author) Joint pain - Don’t ignore it... circulation! Headaches - meet the brother of circulation: Respiration Sore muscles - Stretch Back pain - Posture; Good lifting techniques #1 Tips #3 A Quote Note: 4/26-5/7 At Kanehohe Clinic Woking with:
PT - Susan, Brandon, David
PTA - Jessie
PT Tech - Mark
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