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Psychology Final Project: Fitting In

The pressure to conform to society's norms.

Rachel T

on 27 October 2011

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Transcript of Psychology Final Project: Fitting In

Fitting In:
the psychology behind social conformity. What is social conformity? A change in a person's behavior as a result of pressure. What effect does conformity have on growing teenagers? A teenager is often the most affected by pressure, because they are first becoming aware of society.
Immediate reaction is to crave acception into the group that everyone else appears to already be in. The need to conform grows with awareness of others.
Teens are pulled between individualism and belonging to a group. This can result in a refusal to conform to parents, but a need to conform to peer groups. How are teenagers affected by conformity in the 21st century? Providing insight into society at large in an entertaining way. The internet opened up new ways for teeangers to examine the new society. Teenagers are able to figure out what society is faster. The adult society has transformed the society from caveman days to the current, modern working class. Being singled out from a group will get a person picked off by predators. Finding the starting point of conformity and the differences between societies of past & present. The emergence of the internet. The internet promotes conformity.
Ability to searching their peer groups for social norms.
Easily define and follow the norms of their online society. There has always been a need for people to follow the lead of their peers. Is the conforming need innate or did society invent it? Humans have an innate need to be a part of a group.
Nature influences human behavior more than nurture. Finding a sense of belonging in a group. Usually a person wants to fit in with other people.
Peer pressure is often a major cause. Leeds University conducted an experiment that highlighted the herd mentality is in the majority of people.
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