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Causes and Effects in the 1920s

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Brisa Castro

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Causes and Effects in the 1920s

Causes and Effects in the 1920s
By Anil Bhayani & Brisa Castro
thank you!

Social Darwinism
Social Darwinism was the belief that the weaker less capable should be weak and poor while the strong should be given good wealth
This belef brought forth the rise of eugenics in America.
Red Scare
Was the people who supported tje un american poitical beliefs, mainly communism
Was believed there were thousands of antichists or communists in the US
Many american were frightened by Russians because the US had over thrown the royal family in Russia in 1917
The "Reds" became weaker when american and russia became allies in WWI
Changing of woman's roles
woman had the right to vote due to the 19th amendment (which was ratified) and gave woman the right to vote
They started dressing more freely and suited to their body
Changes took place in the home, politics, work place, an d in education
all these changes helped the woman's right movement
eugenics was associated with social and racial differences, enforcing tension amongst races.
Scientist believed that "Bad genes and mental inferiority (known as feeblemindedness) started the movement of birth control and increased conctraceptives.
in the 1920s the eugenics movement began and the Cable Act was passed; it stripped women of their right to wed men who were "aliens ineligible for citizenship."
Following the Cable Act in 1924 the Immigration Act severely cut the immigration quota of immigrants allowed into the states
This restricted people from Europe from coming over into the states, mainly from Italy, Poland, and Greece because they were reported to have people of "lower intelligence" and higher crime rates.
list of immigrants trying to get into the US
Americans were greatly afraid of communists
Woman having the right to vote was a huge movement for womans rights
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Social Darwinism, Eugenics, and immigration acts all affected the foreign and native populations dramatically, in ways of increasing conflict and segregation among different races and people.
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