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awesome softball25

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Lyddie

by: Kimi Atkins , January 10,2014,
In Kathrine Paterson's novel Lyddie,the main character Lyddie faces several challenges starting with a bear and her family being torn apart from each other.After being fired from her old job at Cutlers Tavern she traveled to Lowell to be a factory girl. Lyddie did not just travel to Lowell because she was fired but also because she'd get much more money at the factory than she ever would at the Cutlers Tavern and she pay off the dept on her old home.At the factory life is harsh, the air is thick with debris, she's not used to any of the conditions, and because of the conditions there is a petition going around for fewer hours.Lyddie has to make a difficult decision of whether or not to sign the petition. Some would say that Lyddie would be foolish to sign the petition because she would be blacklisted and won't be able to pay off the dept to her old home. Lyddie should sign the petition because a lot of the girls are getting sick and are spending all their money getting better.
One of the reasons Lyddie should sign the petition is so she wouldn't get sick or injured and spend all her money trying to recover.In chapter 14 Lyddie says "It ain't right for this place to suck the strength of their youth, then cast them off like dry husks to the wind" (pg.113). This means that its not right for the factory to make girls sick or injured and then lay them off so they can use all the money they have earned to pay the doctor. That's one reason Lyddie should sign the petition.
The other good reason for Lyddie to sign the petition is that the girls were very tired after work. While Lyddie is working at the factory she is to tired to do anything after work."She was to tired now at night to copy out a page from Oliver Twist to paste to her loom."(98) This shows that everyday after work she is to worn out to do anything but go to sleep. Getting very tired after work is another good reason for Lyddie to sign the petition.
Even though there are reasons Lyddie to sign the petition, her decision to sign the petition is the right one. While working at the mill Lyddie has a high risk of getting sick or injured. She also has no time after work because she is way too tired to do anything. Signing the petition is clearly the best decision for her.
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