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iBrusher ISO Presentation

No description

Joel Chang Ri Jian

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of iBrusher ISO Presentation

One may not squeeze enough toothpaste and it is rather troublesome to add new toothpaste, having to balance the toothbrush and trying to squeeze the toothpaste tube Problem 1 Problem 2 The iBrusher! It's that Start! Concept... One may also accidentally fling toothpaste into the sink, accumulating wastage of toothpaste and
creating inconvenience due to need for
extra cleaning. The Solution... Never run out of toothpaste while brushing or have tube-squeezing issues again with the convenient iBrusher! The iBrusher By Aaron Low (1),
Joel Chang (3), and
Ryan Chua (7) Difficult Restocking of Toothpaste Wastage of Toothpaste The revolutionary iBrusher combines a toothpaste tube and a toothbrush together!

It works by encasing a replaceable toothpaste tube with a squeeze holder.

Utilizes a hollow cap and tube with a one-way valve leading to the toothbrush head.

Squeeze the iBrusher and toothpaste flows out onto the toothbrush head as you brush! Problem 1 leads to... So how do we solve
these problems? To make a new, revolutionary and original toothbrush. Photos... easy! Thank You!!! Problems Faced... -Availability of tools
-Hygiene exercised in making prototype
-Length of tube However... Nonetheless
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