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Goth Style: A History

Description of how the Gothic sub-culture came to be.

chanti apps

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Goth Style: A History

Introduction Gothic Style: A History Gothic Literature In today's modern society, most people are either scared, intimidated or judgemental of people dressed in Goth style clothing. What people don't understand, is that this specific style and those feelings toward Goths has been passed down through time and generations and I'm here to explain how. Where did it all come from though? The black clothing, the dark make-up, the odd hair styles. Goth is very unique. It wasn't until the early 1980's that "Goth" was recognized as a distinct sub-culture. The Gothic style evolved with influences of; Art, architecture, other fashions, books and social issues. Recognition Gothic Architecture Cathedrals like Notre Dame, Chartres
and Bad Doberan in the European
Renaissance era, were considered
barbaric and uncivilized due to the
Gothic/Barbaric architecture. The Goths Gothic style originated with an East Germanic tribe who were called the Goths. Possibly from modern-day Sweden. They invaded the Roman Empire many times and played a major role in their downfall. These invasions and their unusual culture caused "Goth" to become a synonym for "Barbaric" people also started to think that the Goths were associated with Satan and Vampires
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