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Sharisse Paule

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Technology

History Museum

# 1 Mitsubishi
#2 Testla
Japanese automaker
6th biggest Japanese automaker in 2011
16th biggest worldwide by production in 2011
Founded in 1097
American Company
Manufactures electric cars
Public company that trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol TSLA
Founded in 2003
#21 Apple Computer
Known as the Apple I
Released by the Apple Computer Company
Invented by Steve Wozniak
Sold in 1976
Made under Samsung
Introduced in 2011
Schools had become the largest category of customer in 2012
2013, 1.76 million Chromebooks were sold in U.S. business-to-business channels
#41 LG Display
World's first 60-inch plasma TV
Developed by LG
Introduced in South Korea
Invented in In 1998
#61 iPhone
Smartphone by Apple
Browsed by AT&T & Cingular Wireless
Invented by Steve Jobs
Announed in 2007
#81 Canon
#19 Fisker Karma
American electric luxury car
One of the world's first production plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
Founded by Henrik Fisker & Bernhard Koehler
Established in 2007
Japanese multinational corporation specialized in the manufacturing imaging and optical products
Produced Japan’s first-ever 35 mm camera with a focal plane based shutter
Headquarters in Ōta, Japan
Founded in 1937
#10 Pontiac
American brand
Headquarters in Detroit, Michigan
Last cars built in 2009
Established in 1926
#20 Fiat
#18 Subaru
Japanese automoblie company
22nd automaker in 2012
Founded by Kenji Kita & Chikuhei Nakajima
Established in 1953
#16 Infiniti
Japanese luxury vehicle division
Under Nissan
Headquarters in Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Officially started selling vehicles on 1989
Italian industry
Under Fiat Chrysler Automotives
World’s 7th largest auto maker
Founded in 2014
#5 Acura
Japanese luxury vehicle division
Under Honda
First launched in the United States and Canada
Founded in1986
#13 Ferrari
Italian car manufacturer
Founded by Enzo Ferrari
Started in Maranello, Italy
Established in 1929
#4 Mazda
Japanese automaker
Under Honda
Based in Hiroshima, Japan
Founded in 1920
#3 Ford
American multinational automaker
Headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan
Founded by Henry Ford
Incorporated in 1903
#8 Volswagon
German multinational automotive manufacturer
Started in Berlin, Germany
Top-selling and namesake marque of the Volkswagen Group
Established in 1937

#17 Audi
German company
Produces luxury cars worldwide
Headquarters in Zwickau, Germany
Founded in 1909
#9 Dodge
American automoblie company
Founded by John Fracis Dodge & Horace Elgin Dodge
Based in Auburn Hills, Michigan
Established in 1900
#6 Toyota
Japanese automotive manufacturer
Headquarters in Toyota, Japan
2012 production of its 200 millionth vehicle
Founded in 1937
#7 Honda
Japanese public multinational corporation
Known as a manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles and power equipment
Founded in Hamamatsu, Japan
Start up in 1948
#15 Buick
American automotive marque
Under General Motors
Founded by David Dunbar Buick
Established in 1899
#14 Scion
Japanese company
Under Toyota for North American markets
Started in Torrance, California
Established in 2002
#12 Cadillac
American company
Named after Antoine Laumet de La Mothe
Started in Detroit, Michigan
Founded in 1902
#11 Chevorlet
American automobile division
Referred to as Chevy
Under General Motors
Founded 1911
Sharisse Paule
Period 3

#22 Alienware
American computer hardware
Subsidiary of Dell
Designed for gaming purposes
Made in 1996
#25 Gram
Made under LG
Ultra thin laptop
Built in Core i7 CPU
Sold 2014
#23 Sony Notebook
Class of laptop computers that are smaller and lighter than a notebook
Processor type is Intel Atom Z550
14 inch screen
Released 2013
#24 Chromebook
#26 Windows 1.0
First version of the Microsoft Windows
16-bit multi-tasking memory
MS-DOS installation
Released in 1985
#36 Toshiba T1100
Manufactured by Toshiba
World's first mass-market laptop computer
Used floppy disks since it had no hard drive
Produced in 1986
#29 IdeaPad
Model by Lenovo
First three models were widescreens
Produced in Japan
Released in 2008
#28 IBM Personal Computer
CPU included Intel 8088
Manufactured in Boca Raton, Florida
Created by a team of engineers and designers under Don Estridge
Introduced in 1981
#37 Computer Mouse
Invented Douglas C. Engelbart
Pointing device
Fine control of a graphical user interface
Produced in 1968
#31 Turbo PC
Under Dell Computer Coroperation
Invented by Michael Dell
Made over $73 million in first operation
Produced in 1985
#32 FACOM 100
Under Fujitsu Ltd.
Japan's first computer
Comprised of approximately 4,500 relays
Produced in 1954
#27 HP-110
HP's first laptop computer
Largest amount of memory available in a portable computer in 1984
Used a Harris 80C86
Released in 1984
#33 MPF-I
Introduced by Acer
World's longest selling computers
Enclosed in a vacuum formed plastic book case
Produced in 1981
#40 Touchpad
Pointing device with a tactile sensor
Common feature of laptop computers
Introduced by Cirque Corporation
Manufactured to laptops in 1994
#35 Selectric typewriter
First modern keyboard for computers
Influential American designer Eliot Noyes
Released by IBM
Produced 1961
#34 Eee PC
AKA "Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play"
Netbook computer line from Asus
Operated by Linux
Produced in 2007
#38 HP-150
World's earliest commercialized touch screen computers
Based on the Intel 8088
Made by Hewlett-Packard
Produced in 1983
#39 PC Speaker
Loudspeaker built into most IBM PC compatible computers
Connected to the motherboard
Invented by IBM
Manufactured in 1981
#30 Intel 4004
Invented by Intel
Under the MCS-4 project
4-bit central processing unit
Produced in 1971
#52 Vizio
Known as a producer of affordable flat screen televisions
Invented by William Wang, Laynie Newsome, and Ken Lowe
Based in Irvine, California
Founded in October 2002
#42 Viera Cast
Smart TV
Under Panasonic
Stream multimedia content from the Internet
Announded in 2008
Brand of Sony Visual Products
Also known as Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture
High-definition flat-panel LCD television
Introduced in 2005
#56 Sharp TV3-14T
Japan's first commercially produced television
Daily television transmissions for 4 hours a day
Priced at 175,000 yen
Produced in 1953
#57 RCA CT-100
#53 Super Hi-Vision
First HEVC encoder for 8K Ultra HD TV
Uses 17 boards for parallel processing with each board encoding a row of 7680x256 pixels
Announced by Mitsubishi Electric
Produced in 2013
#43 Samsung 3D TV
World's first 3D LED TV
Under Samsung
Without red and blue glasses
Produced in 2010
#49 Flo TV
Audiovox 7” Portable DVD Player
Access live mobile television
Delivers high-quality picture and audio features
Released in 2009
#47 Toshiba 3D TV
First 3D TV without glasses
Made under Toshiba
55in LCD with edge LED lighting
Produced in 2012
#51 Surround Sound
Provides sound from a 360° radius in the horizontal plane
First documented use of surround sound in Fantasia in 1940
Using 54 loudspeakers
Inspired by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
#48 Sanyo TV
Best- selling television models in the United States in 2013
40 million American consumers as their choice for home theater entertainment
Sanyo's 55-inch HDTV was labeled as one of the top 5 selling TVs in its class
Made in San Diego, California
#54 Philips
World’s first-ever TV series
Commercialized the image iconoscope and multicon
Dutch company
Produced in 1952
#59 Flat Screen TV
Introduced by Sony FD Trinitron sets
Cost around $15,000
Invented in 1970
Produced to public in 1998
#46 Conar
#55 Pioneer Kuro
Also known as "Ultimate Black"
Represented the best-in-class technology
Plasma technology reduces light emissions from black areas of the screen
Produced in 2008
#60 Curved OLED TV
First produced by Samsung & LG
Curved 21:9 monitors to provide a distortion-free
Inspired by Cinerama in 1952
Introduced in 2013
#50 Remote Control
Used to operate the device wirelessly from a short distance
Component of an electronic device such as a television set, DVD player, or other home appliance
Invented in 1898
Developed by Nikola Tesla
#58 W806 Smart 3D TV
Under Hitachi UltraVision UltraThin LED Series
Includes Roku’s Streaming Stick
Manufactured in Japan
Announced in 2012
#44 Prototype Number 1
Sony's first TV
World's first direct-view TV
Invented by Masaru Ibuka
Sold in1960
Model 800 TV Camera
Also know as COmpany, NAtional Radio
Hook camera leads to antenna terminals on any standard TV set
First offered kits in 1962
All-electronic color TV technology
Standard for American color TV
Known as National Television System Committee
Introduced in1953
#64 Verizon Wireless
Telecommunications industry
Largest wireless telecommunications provider in the United States
Headquartered in Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Began operations in 2000
#66 AT&T
Also known as American Telephone & Telegraph
Second largest provider of mobile telephone
Headquartered in Dallas, Texas
Founded in 1885
#67 T Mobile
#70 Samsung
South Korean multinational conglomerate company
Holds the Galaxy Series
Headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul
Founded in 1938
#76 LG Chocolate
Slider cellphone-MP3 player hybrid
Sold in Korea long before the UK or U.S. version
released by Verizon Wireless
Produed in 2006
#71 Nokia
Finnish multinational communications and information technology company
World's 274th-largest company
World's first fully automatic cellular phone system in 1981
Headquartered in Espoo, Uusimaa
#63 Blackberry
Line of wireless handheld devices
First RIM device was the Inter@ctive Pager 900
One of the major smartphone vendors until 2012
Active in 1996
#80 Ericsson
Swedish multinational provider of communications technology and services
Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden
Founded by Lars Magnus Ericsson
Established in 1876
#75 Droid
Internet and multimedia enabled smartphone
Verizon promoted the Droid as an Apple iPhone alternative
Designed by Motorola
Launched in 2009
#68 Cricket Wireless
prepaid service provider
4.6 million subscribers in the United States
Subsidiary of AT&T
Founded in 1999
#74 Windows Phone
Family of mobile operating systems
Begun as early as 2004 under the codename "Photon"
Developed by Microsoft
Released in 2009
#77 National Network
Also known as National Truck Network
Network of state highways and interstates for commercial truck drivers in the United States
Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982 established a national network of highways for large trucks
Network comprises more than 200,000 miles of highways
#69 LG G Flex
#62 Slide Kick
Also known as Danger Hiptop
Manufactured by Sharp Corporation in Japan
Partnership with T Moblie
Released in 2002
#72 Motorola
Multinational telecommunications company
First private handheld mobile phone call on a larger prototype model in 1973
Based in Schaumburg, United States
Founded by Dr. Martin Cooper
#78 Microsoft Lumia
smartphones under Windows Phone operating system
From the plural form of the word 'lumi', or 'snow' in the Finnish
designed and marketed by Microsoft Mobile & Nokia
Introduced in November 2011
#79 HTC
Also known as High-Tech Computer Corporation
Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones and tablets
Headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan
Founded in 1997
#65 Sprint
American telecommunications company that provides wireless services and global Internet carriers
Third-largest wireless network operator in the United States
Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas
Founded in 1899 as Brown Telephone Company
#73 Galaxy Note
Deutsche Telekom AG's various mobile communications subsidiaries outside Germany
World's fifteenth-largest mobile-phone service provider
Founded by Deutsche Telekom
Active in 1990
Under works of Samsung
Primarily oriented towards pen computing
First commercially successful examples of "phablets"
Introduced in 2011
Android phablet
Developed and manufactured by LG
Company's first to incorporate a flexible display
Announced in 2013
#92 Galaxy Camera
Under Samsung
Point-and-shoot camera, an Android
Promoted by James Franco
Announced in 2012
#88 Exilim
Brand of digital cameras of Casio
Thinner than other small digital cameras at the time
Only had digital zoom
Introduced in 2002
#91 Pentax
First known as Asahi Optical
Introduced its first camera in 1952
First Japanese 35mm SLR called Asahiflex I
Inspired by Korean War
#87 Fujifilm
Also known as Fujifilm Holdings Corporation
Japanese multinational photography and imaging company
Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan
Founded in1934
#90 Olympus
Japanese manufacturer of optics and reprography products
Founded by Takeshi Yamashita
Headquarters in Shinjuku, Japan
Established in 1919
#93 ITX
Security camera
Selected 500 companies of 2003 KB Hidden Star
Founded in Korea
Established in 1933
#82 Nikon
Used to be Nippon Kōgaku Tōkyō K.K.
Japanese multinational corporation
Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan
Founded in 1917
#83 Kodak
American technology company on imaging solutions
Headquartered in Rochester, United States
Founded by George Eastman
Estsblished in 1888
#85 Sony Alpha
Camera system under Sony
Expanded by Konica Minolta camera technologies
Founded in Konan, Japan
Introduced in 2006
#94 Ebony
Japanese camera company
Known for stainless steel & prototype cameras
Founded by Hiromi Sakanashi
Established in 1981
#95 Camera lens
Also known as photographic lens or photographic objective
Assembly of lenses used in a camera to make images of objects either on film or an image
Invented by Thomas Wedgwood, Nicéphore Niépce, Henry Fox Talbot, and Louis Daguerre
Produced in 1839
#100 GoPro
American corporation that develops, manufactures high-definition camcorders
Headquarters in San Mateo, California
Founded by Nick Woodman
Established in 2002
#99 Leica
German optics company and manufactures cameras
known as Ernst Leitz GmbH
Founded in Germany
Established in 1849
#86 JVC
Also known as Victor Company of Japan
Japanese international consumer & professional electronics corporation
Based in Yokohama, Japan
Founded in 1927
#97 Sinar
Swiss company producing medium format and large format cameras
Invented by Carl Hans Koch
Headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland
Established in 1947
#96 Rollei
German manufacturer of optical products
Headquarters in Braunschweig, Germany
Founded by Paul Franke and Reinhold Heidecke
Established in 1920
#98 Mamiya
Japanese company that manufactures high-end cameras, photographic and optical equipment
Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan
Founded by Seiichi Mamiya
Established in 1940
#84 Polaroid
American brand licensor to companies that distribute consumer electronics and eyewear
Best known for its Polaroid instant film and cameras
Founded by Edwin H. Land
Established in 1937
#89 Photosmart
Line of digital cameras
Under Hewlett-Packard or HP
VGA-resolution camera with LCD
Introduced in 2007
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