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United Distributors - Timeline

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on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of United Distributors - Timeline

To begin this exploration into the history of United....

first we would like to start with the 20th century history of the alcohol industry!
Repealing Prohibition - 1933
Here is where United's story begins!
The Hertz Family
1980's -1990's
1980's - 1990's
2000's - Now
Who We Are Today
United Distributors, Inc.
A Company History
Welcome to United!
Prohibition Era - 1920
The Creation of the Three-Tier System
Spirits Distribution State to State
The Hertz, Kugelman, and Kahn families began operations through the Fulton Distribution Company in Atlanta, GA.
1940's - 1980's
1990's - 2000's
Corporate Headquarters:
Smyrna 1999
Prohibition was a constitutional ban passed in 1919 (and took effect in 1920) that made the following actions illegal in the United States:
sales of alcoholic beverages
production of alcoholic beverages
importation of alcoholic beverages
transportation of alcoholic beverages
Prohibition's ban of alcoholic beverages caused a surge in organized crime in the United States as people continued to illegally produce, purchase, and sell alcoholic beverages.
In 1933, the American government passed the 21st amendment to the constitution to repeal Prohibition.
The 21st amendment gave the states the right to create and regulate their own laws regarding alcohol sales, distribution, and consumption.
United has 1,250 associates across Georgia and Alabama.
United moved into our current facility in Smyrna, GA in 1999.
A Brief History of Prohibition
This warehouse, located just outside of Atlanta, is United's corporate headquarters.
Because two members of the fourth generation of the Hertz family are involved in the leadership of United, United is part of the 2-3% of family businesses that successfully transition beyond the third generation!
Our warehouse is about 350,000 square feet!
There are three categories a state can fall into regarding alcohol distribution:
1. Franchise states (like Georgia)
2. Control states
3. Open States
Explaining the Rules for Spirits Distribution
The creation of five distributorships: two in Atlanta, GA, two in Florida, and one in Augusta, GA.
Divided Ownership in 1982:
The Hertz and Kugelman families retained ownership of United Distributors, Inc. and the Florida distributorships.
The Kahn Family retained ownership of Empire Distributors, Inc
Tier 1:
Tier 2:
Tier 3:
In 1983, we acquired Macon.
In 1988, we acquired Columbus and Albany.
The time period was also defined by numerous acquisitions:
The 1980's - 1990's were defined by:
The 1940's - 1980's were defined by:
Primarily spirits distribution
These acquisitions expanded our wine and spirits footprint.
This time period was defined by expansion and solidification of United's beer business.
United made multiple beer acquisitions in the Atlanta market from 1995 onwards.
In 1998, United acquired a wine and spirits distributor in Savannah, GA.
In 2001, United acquired a beer distributor in Savannah which made us a full-fledged member of the Miller and Heineken beer networks.
This time period is defined by:
Further solidification of our beer business
Expansion to Alabama
In 2010, United combined with Johnson Brothers of Alabama to form UJBAL. They are primarily a wine distributor for the entire state of Alabama.
United has approximately 16,500 products across Georgia and Alabama.
In the last 12 months, we have delivered 17.2 million cases of beer, wine, spirits, and non-alcoholics.
Thank you for being a part of our company's future!
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