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Copy of Business Process

No description

Vaibhav Rustagi

on 13 November 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Business Process

Our Journey
Key Insights
Key Insights
To provide existing and prospective clients with a complete content marketing solution

Adding further strengths to Havas's core competencies, helping them evolve in accordance to current and future trends whilst creating an additional revenue stream
Our Proposal
Revisit your strategy
Creation and Execution - check

Content Diversification
Content Advisory Service
your clients on the
of content distribution
Partnerships with Platforms
Business Process
Vaibhav Rustagi, Doris Delaporte, Arjun Suria, Josue Poblano, Sabit Aghayev, Maureen Von Staszewski

Value Added
Business Concept
Action Plan
Choose the right channel to distribute
Are the clients aware?
Own website
Content Discovery Platforms (Outbrain, Brightcove)
Social media (Linkedin, Slideshare)
Video games
Consumer Engagement
SEO (Title, Metadata, Tags, Text, Video Sitemap, Thumbnails)
Elevator pitch of why you should watch it
Utilize social proof
Help spread it virally
Ask them to share it
Make it easy for them to share it
Optimize the video for conversion
Include a call to action
Keep it simple and measurable
Make it easy and interactive
Give options and incentivise
Analyze the results
Promote Distibution ability
Highlight partnerships
Incentivise Sales teams
Diversify Formats
Primary Research
We approached marketing heads/directors and Creative directors at the following companies
Mobiles -
25 %
video watch time
Vines can be incorporated in
Vines get
4 times
more coverage
new followers in one month compared to
average of 6 months before campaign
Instagram video =
increase in sharing
Havas should leverage this trend by providing mini video creation services thereby adding value to the client.
them on the right
for their product
your approach
Offer them
package or bundle
for video content
strategy, creation, distribution and measurement
7% growth
globally over the next three years to
$429 billion
by 2017
Earning potential :
$140 - 200 K
per client annually

New Kid on the block
Specialized in video services
Good in
analyzing data
for the future consumption (advantage over others)
Competitive advantage
Companies with advanced technologies

No project by project negotiation
with distributors
Agreement only for
one year
to change partner
Increases margins
Builds track record
Partner up
with a distribution platform provider and agree on an
annual fee
Video Games
Integrated content creation and distribution service based on

Advisory service
Diversification of formats
Creating partnerships
First mover advantage in new distribution channels
Mobile games, increasing 136.5% from 2012 to 2015, 29% increasing in 2014.

78% of time spent with online games occurs on mobile
The agencies need to have a clear strategy. They need to invest in targeting the right groups and touch point analysis.
The agency really needs to understand your brand to be able to tap the most engagement from fans, supporters what have you
Increasingly we will see more curation and distribution digitally
An agency must begin with the end in mind
marketing tactics that can be used through varied channels using clear strategies and content to target, engage and inform consumers.
Advisory Service
• Easily imitatable
• Out of core competence of video creation
• Due to high fees, Havas may face challenges to attract a new clients

Partnerships with platforms
• Competitors using in house distribution platforms
• Very limited to target audience geographically
• New entrants in the distribution platforms market as barriers to entry are low and demand is high

May require heavy investment as a first mover
Havas may not to get two clients in the same field / market
Video game platforms
Action Plan
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