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Technology in Pre School Lecture

Lecture for University of Wollongong students on the use of information, communication and administrative technologies in preschool education.

Platinum Pre School

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of Technology in Pre School Lecture

Information Technology in Pre School IT as a Teacher Resource Communication Technology Moving
Forward Technology - HOW & WHY? IT as a Teacher Resource CommunicationTechnology Communication is Key

Why is communication so important?
Who do we communicate with?
How does communication technology helps teachers?
How do we use communication technology? How do we use
Communication Technology?
Creative Arts
Science & Technology
Research & Peer Learning
Mobile Devices
Educational Software Research & Peer Learning Positives vs Negatives Pros vs Cons Who do we communicate with? Children!
Outside community
Potential enrolments
Service Providers
Potential partners & Investors
Regulatory Bodies (Docs, NCAC etc)
Non-profits and charities
Media Why is
communication so important? The day-to-day use of technology at Platinum offers many advantages, however as with anything it is always important to be aware of the potential risks that can be associated with a new approach.... Pros Cons Updated information at each log in.
Easily accessible – wireless.
Ability to reference information quickly.
Remote – used around the centre and offsite via Laptops, iPAD.
Communication speed.
Visual Imagery key tool for reading.
Entertaining for children.
Visually pleasing for children.
School Readiness Staff expertise / capabilities
Internet down time
Hardware Cost
Updating website
Send is definite
Cyber Bullying Literacy Administrative Technology How does
technology help teachers? Administrative Technology The Importance of Good Admin in Education
Cloud Computing
Google Apps - Email, Docs, Calendar etc
Communication Records & Management
Example - Enrolments & Online Forms Time = 5 to 10 days Time = 2mins Who Are
We? Numeracy Creative Arts Science
& Tech Mobile
Devices Educational
Software Moving Forward... Cloud
Computing Central Access.
Ability to access information anywhere.
Automatically backed up.
Always up-to-date.
Remote Access Communication
Records &
Management Enrolments &
Online Forms
Ease of access for customers
Complete collection of data
No data entry mistakes
Significantly time saving Google Apps
Cornerstone of our Admin
The basis for our Cloud
Complete & reliable infomation
Nothing is replicated.
Time and effort is saved! Allowing teachers to be teachers The Importance
of Good Admin
in Edcation Balances teacher workload.
Markets, informs and attracts new customers.
Keeps communication lines open.
First and last point of contact.
Responsible for sensitive info.
Good Admin can save lives! Student
Records Teaching
Programmes Staff
Timetables Resources ? ? ? ? ? ?
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