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prestige oil spill

No description

jordan torres

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of prestige oil spill

Prestige Oil Spill Case How did it happen? How did it affect people? Diseases occurred 5 year later How did it affect people? How did they clean it up? When,who and where did this happen? How did it affect wildlife? What was the aftermath of the spill? When? November 19, 2002 In the afternoon Who? Captain is Apostolos Mangouras Operator is Universe Maritime LTD. Greek company single hulled and a tanker Where? In the Atlantic Ocean 250km off of the coast of Spain Coordinates 42.883333*N 9.883333*W Suffered health problems Couldn't sail around the spill Beach was closed How did it affect wildlife? Toxic chemicals entered marine environment Chemicals can cause cancer 300 000 sea birds died Local bird population went down by 30% More birds died than fish The predator of the sea birds went down because of the low population of them How did they clean it up? Thousand of volunteers were needed to clean the coast line Some people who volunteered did get diseases Robots sealed the sunk ship The cost to clean it up is $3.4 billion Engineers have removed the oil by using drills to drill holes in the tanks What was the aftermath of the spill? Oil tanks are now directed away from the french and spanish coast lines There was no oil left in the tanks by 2004 The tanks trickled 32 liters per day This was one of the worst oil spills How? On November 13,2002 one of the twelve oil tanks on the ship burst from the cause of a storm in western Spain.The ship tried to dock in Spain, France, and Portugal but was forced not to. The storm broke off a 40 foot part of the starboard hull. Then at 8:00am on November 19,2002 the ship split in half. 20 million US gallons had spilled into the sea then leaked 13 800 tons.
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