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Detroit and San Fransico

By: Joe S. & Dan A.

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Transcript of Detroit and San Fransico

Joe S. Daniel A. Detroit & San Fransico
Detroits Economy Auto Makers Home of the "Big Three" GM, Ford Chrysler
390,000 employees
Billions of dollars to the metro Detroit area San Francisco's Economy Highest number of homeless per capita of any major US city.
Forth richest city in the World.
Irish Coffee is a major import
Over 300 coffee shops.
Major downtown transit is bart
San Fransico Bay is popular tourist attraction
Leader in industry
Population 744,230
silicon valley

Environment San Fran Bay
Rich in agricultural lands
Animal POOP
Oil Spill 2007

Culture Origonal Name
Vermont Ave.
Golden Gate
Chop Suey
Fortune Cookie
Denium Jeans
Pro Sports
Mission District
Tourism The Henry Ford museam
Sports Tigers, Pistons, & Redwing
$4.8 billion dollars a year Detroit International Airport
Toll free highways
Monorail system running 3 miles through downtown Transportation Trade
Reduced taxes for cross boarder tradeing
No toll highways Culture Sports WSU is surronded by meusuems and other instutes
Buildings made in 1800's
Henry Ford Museum Short /a/ soounds for words like; ask, bath, ect.
Absent or changed vowels: "Oop" instead of "Up" Architecture Motown Dialect Tigers(Baseball)
Lions(Football) Tamla-Motown family records
Discrimination African-Americans makeing music
All origonal broadcast equiptment South-East michigan
On detroit river
571 above lvl
Summer 60-75 Winter -5-15
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