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No description

Zgamer M

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of ELECTRICITY

All electrical circuits have two components a battery and another component(motor or light bulb).
We will show you, first without a switch and then with a switch. We will show you with a different component each time.
Experiment 2
Experiment 1
By William McCormick, Iain Visa and Ivan Castillo
Explanation of Electricity
Electrical components(components that use electricity)
Electrical components (components that use other energies and turn them into electricity)
Experiment 1
Experiment 2
L'Ivan es molt tonto
Explanation of
Iain subnormal
Electrical components (components that use electricity)
Motor: A motor turns electrical energy into kinetic energy (movement).

Light bulb: A light bulb turns electrical energy into light energy.

Sensor: a sensor senses things.

Speaker: a speaker turns electical energy into sound energy.

L'ivan es molt tonto
L'Ivan es molt tonto
Electrical components (components that use other energies and turn them into electricity)
Generator: a generator turns kinetic energy into electrical energy.

Solar panel: A solar panel turns light energy into electrical energy.
L'Ivan es molt tonto
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