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A Quick Experiment in Budget Breakdowns

Watch as your monthly salary goes down.

Shirley Zhou

on 24 April 2011

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Transcript of A Quick Experiment in Budget Breakdowns

Let's say you make

and live in NYC. $60,000 that's a monthly amount of $5,000 say you don't have paycheck deductions. Federal Taxes: 25% of income $1250.00 NYC state taxes, ~6.7% of income $335.00 consider housing. You split the place with a roommate,
so you pay: $1,100.00 utilities paid by you (gas, electricity, water): $175.00 $72.00 cable and internet: $1,347.00
monthly after housing: optional:
consider buying a car... monthly car loan: $600.00 $150.00 -insurance - gas $70.00 - parking, maintenance, etc fees Pay off some loans... $250.00 $50.00 student loans, average monthly pay: credit card payment ~3% of salary: $102.45 $1,715.55 total after loans: food! $100.00 you cook SOME meals, so groceries: but you really don't have time,
so you mostly eat out. $800.00 $150.00 -some coffee addiction... total after food: $465.55 finally, some random things... $200.00 occasional fancy dining, bars, partying... $70.00 cell-phone bill: health and medical fees (3% budget): $102.45 $25.55 final amount.. $250.00 household items, clothes,and beauty products Thanks for watching! total after taxes: $3415.00 $140.00 entertainment (~3% budget): transportation (take subway everyday): $150.00 $870.00 total monthly car cost: monthly after buying a car... -$844.45?! Debra Chang, Luis Martinez, Shirley Zhou
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