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Kingston University Re:love

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Transcript of Kingston University Re:love

The Problem
Piles of stuff left behind by students when they leave halls!
Reduced Carbon Emissions!
Get involved!
Loads of opportunities to get stuck in to sustainability at KU!
Stay in touch
Why is reusing stuff so important anyway?
If you've got 20 minutes check out this video to learn all about the 'story of stuff'. If not just skip ahead.
The Solutions
Kingston University Re:love
Less stuff Thrown Away!
Money raised for charity!
This years Re:Love event at halls saved 229 kg of...
This year's Re:Love event at halls saved 175 items from being thrown away.
That's 62 kg!
This year's Re:Love event raised nearly £40 for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
Green Impact
Work with KU staff and students to help make the university more sustainable!
Learn New Skills
Meet People
Have Fun
Student Switch Off
Switch Off
Save Energy
Win Prizes!
Kingston University
Action Group
Help care for nature on campus!
Biodiversity Blog
Sustainability Hub
020 8417 3146
Car boot sale style shop selling household items to students moving in to halls for rock bottom prices to raise money for charity
Re:love Event At Seething Wells Halls of Residence!
Duvets and pillows left behind donated to the Rottweiler Welfare Association
This year over 500 duvets were donated!
The Duvets will be keeping the dogs warm throughout the winter
Abbey, Helping to load the van
Swap shop
10 big Sacks of clothes donated to the local oxfam
Over £60 raised for the charity 'target ovarian cancer'!
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