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No description

Min Chang Yoo

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of FOODS

Korean FOODS
Kim Chi
Many kinds of Kim chi
Korean foods
What Korean foods do you know?
Bul go gi
Other Korean foods
By minchang
I will tell you about Korean foods.
Famous Korean foods are Kim Chi,bi bim bap,
Kim chi, and some other foods.
1.Kim Chi
3.Bi bim bap
2.Bul go gi
This is Kim chi.
It makes with cabbage,powdered red pepper,
garlic,welsh,ginger,salt, and salted-fermented shrimp
This is a salted-fermanted shirimp.
There are many kinds of Kim- Chis.
Foods with Kim Chi!
White Kim Chi
Radish Kim Chi(different radish)
Yul mo Kim Chi
Yul mo is young radishes stem.
(It can be a side dish too!)
Kim Chi jee gae
This is a soup put a Kim chi in.
This is most typical Kim chi food.
This food is that make a dough with a flour and put Kim Chi and vegestable.
This is called Bul go gi.
It is a Korean beef Bul go gi.
Bul go gi is not spicy like other
Korean foods.
people from other contries likes Bul go gi too.
Bul go gi with similar thing is Gul bi/Kal bi.
Bi bim bap
This is Bi bim bap. It put a lots of vagetables like spanish,carrot,bean sprouts,bracken and others.
(This is bean sprouts)
(This is Korean bracken.)
Most famous Bi bim bap place is Jeon ju.
Orgin of the Bi bim bap
Orgin of the Bi bim bap is five. I will tell one orgin.In Korea, before 200years ago,the king escape from the revolt,but he can't have the quite fill meal,so he put some vegetables and rice to make food.
Gal bi jjim
Bo da jee gae
Go jal pan
This is like a rice paper we put a vegetables on.
Thak bok ei
nag nyeon
Jap Che
Thank you for listning and have a good day
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