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Social Media:

No description

Tate Lertkomolsuk

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Social Media:

Social Media:

its role in the media complex today
- tendency of persons and groups to develop social links and form communities
Arts 1091: Week 12
Blake Lambert
Gerard Holland
Tate Lertkomolsuk
Pierre Bourdieu

Social Network Sites (SNSs)
Public/semi-public profile

Initiate new relationships

Maintain existing relationships
- the forms of interaction that tie individuals to one another and society
Do you think Facebook has taken over the 'organic type' of relationship?
- what forms of interaction do we have in order to tie ourselves on to the online community
Requires you to put your life on display

Personal data given for online marketing

Inequalities are re-emphasized
New rituals of communication

Disseminate news
Save lost connections
Create greater network (lesser depth)
- Latent ties or people who share some offline connections
Renowned for his thesis on field theory
cultural choices and tastes have a different social functionality
Three Main Concepts
Habitus- an individuals position in a field and their access to capital
Field- The social space, society
Capital- the tools available to the individual
Each field has its own logic, structure and relevance which is specific to it.
Eg, customer and shop keep scenario, where both are using the field of the sale to convince each other, buyer poor, shop keep high quality
"Positions in the field are in relationships of dominance, subordination, or equivalence, based on the access to resources (capital) which are at stake"- Lecture
Economic Capital
Social Capital
Cultural Capital
Symbolic Capital
A feel for the game
The way individuals use their social capital to manipulate fields is habitus
"Habitus enables the capacity to assess and recognize a social situation and produce an appropriate strategy, which appears as the product of self-direction and individual purpose"
This then grants the individual further capital
New Forms of Social and Cultural Capital
Social media used to selectively determine what capital will be utilized
Economic and Social hierarchy's
"Does social media provide (demand?) new means to display social and cultural distinction?"
Goffman, Facebook and Experiments with social Capital
"The positive effect of interactions between people in a social network"
Useful Information
Personal relationships
The capacity to organize groups
Emotional suport
Bridging and Bonding
Bridging - "Weaker ties, usually maintained over social networking, which provide information and new perspectives"
Bonding - "Strong ties, emotionally close relationships which offer the above 2 recources as well as emotional and psychological support, and access to scarce resources"
Question time!
Social networking Sites offer more connections, therefore it becomes harder to main tain strong healthy connections. (Bonding connections
Option 1
Option 2
Because of the ease of communication os SNS's, we are able to maintain the strength of connections
Research Findings:
Social capital had increased within facebook users
Facebook was much less useful for creating BONDING social capital than BRIDGING social capital.
Erving Goffman
Front Stage
"The symbolism of social interactions"
Actions which are performed to an audience (society)
Back Stage
'Actors' let their guard down. members of the audience are not allowed in the backstage region
Impressions that are intended by the actor
impression that are not intended
Preservation of self
Goal: to communicate in a way which the GIVES are accurately portrayed, and so that information meant for the backstage is withheld.
Does Facebook and other large public Social Networking Sites facilitate the merge of Frontstage-Backstage performances?
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