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Spider Man - Hero's Journey

No description

Sydney Gill

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Spider Man - Hero's Journey

Spider Man - Hero's Journey

Peter is bitten by the genetically modified spider while on a field trip, this is how he is called to the hero's adventure.
Call to Adventure
Refusal of the call
When Peter first gains his powers he refuses to accept or act upon them because he doesn't fully understand them and doesn't have a reason to use them yet.
Answering the Call
When Peter is bullied by Flash he shoots a web on accident, when this happens he finally agrees to fight him and ends up winning.
Supernatural Aid
His Uncle Ben teaches him that with great power comes great responsibility.
Uncle Ben is also his mentor because he is the one that gives Peter wise words and advice about his current situation. He tells Peter that his father would be proud.
Crossing the Threshold
Peter Crosses threshold after the death of Uncle Ben. He chases down the killer, which is his first encounter with a real enemy. After this he accepts what he has become and creates a costume making him-self Spider Man.
The Belly of the Whale
Peter captures the man that killed his uncle. This moment signifies the old, selfish Peter is dead.
Peter learns how to use his spider skills and establishes his life in the city. One specific trial is when the Green Goblin throws Mary Jane and some children off of a bridge and says Spider Man can only save one, so he must choose.
Brother Battle
Peter can no longer trust his best friend Harry because he takes away Peter's one true love, Mary Jane.
The Goddess
Peter believes Mary Jane is the love of his life. He wants to save her and win her love.
When searching for the lizard Spider Man goes into the sewer where the lizard hides. While he's there he gathers information about the lizard and his future plans, which helps him in saving the city.
Demon Battle
After being shot by the police, Spider Man now has only five minutes to save the city from being turned into reptiles. He fights the lizard one last time on an 800 foot building. Peter wins and saves the city.
Sacred Marriage
Even though Peter and his girlfriend Gwen are not married they have a special emotional bond.
Atonement or Recognition
For Spider Man this happens early. Right after he avenges the murder of Uncle Ben. He finally understands the advice that with great power comes great responsibility.
After Spider Man saves the city from being turned into reptiles he becomes a true hero and is loved by all. He even wins over Gwen's dad.
Magic Elixir
When fighting the Green Goblin the battle tests all of his abilities including his character. In the battle he can't kill the Green Goblin because he knows who the goblin really is, the father of Peter's best friend.
The Return
Crossing the Return Threshold
After returning back to the normal world that he had brought back to safety, Peter assures the city that if any danger happens he will be there.
Master of Two Worlds
Spider Man does seem to have control in both the new and old worlds. After surviving the supreme ordeal, Spider Man is looked up to as the leader of the city. He becomes the role model of many children.
Archetypal Characters.
The Hero
The hero was obviously Spider Man! His story follows the hero's journey.
Archetypal Character
During the Spider Man series Peter has many encounters with the human reptile. Even though Peter almost always comes out on top he still considered a villain.
The Green Goblin also qualifies as a villain, even though he is secretly the father of Peter's best friend.
Archetypal Characters
The spider that Peter is bitten by is a herald because it is the thing that calls him on his adventure.
Gwen's dad is a metaphorical shapeshifter because he continually changes his feelings for Spider Man and Peter's relationship with Gwen.
Archetypal Characters
Dr. Connors is a trickster because he is using Peter to create a lizard man that can destroy the city.
The police eventually become allies of Spider Man. Once he earns their trust and proves he is a hero.
Woman as Temptress
Gwen, Peters girlfriend is the Temptress in this case. Her dad makes Peter promise to stay away from her so that she doesn't get hurt.
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