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No description

Anton Ha

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of INSTAGRAM

-send messages
-group chats
-comment on photos
-upload photos
- video chat
-send files
-post statuses
-make events
-free access
-saves paper
-send messages quickly
-send large attachments
-send pictures
-receive notifications
free to use
call forwarding
call transfer
chat to multiple people at same time
-share videos
- webcam
- chat
- agenda meetings
- control the privacy police

Good for businesses
Have Privacy
Fast and secure
Strong Firewall
Share data and files with others
- Keeps data and files safe and stop viruses
-Keep business communication clean, clear, and fast
-Keeps employees safe online
-Keeps customers safe from hackers
Virtual Private Network
Create your own survey or choose a template
Choose how to distribute and collect responses
Gain insights with real-time charts and graphs
-available in 33 languages!

-easy to use

-organized systems

-no advertisements!

-works worldwide

-can send audios
Easy to use, and good for employees
There are many devices and apps for businesses to use as communication. Which are the best one available out there?
for Communication
How to Communicate
Face to Face conference
Webcam Conference

Instant messaging
Apps to Avoid
The world of business relies heavily on how well their communication is.
Key to Success
Communication plays a big part in whether or not a company thrives or fails. One little mishap could change anything. Pick your resources wisely and know how to use them. Good communication gives good understandings. It is very important in this modern time.
Brings all finances in one place
Bank level security and data protection
Manage your expenses
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