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Chad Pedigo

on 7 March 2013

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Background photo by t.shigesa . “The decline in active memberships in civic groups, fraternal organizations, and other local associations is greater than the increase in memberships, according to new research" (American Sociological Association,2011) Turning Point Success Challenge Are American-style Service Clubs an Endangered Species? The Naperville Jaycees Chartered Feb. 4th, 1954
Are comprised of members ages 21-40 and associate members 41+
Has operated Naperville's Last Fling in 1981
Have raised and donated over 4.2 million dollars in Naperville.
Largest membership 2006-2008 with nearly 200 active members not including associate members.
Present decline leaves a membership at 106 active members and 84 roosters to a combined total of 190 Naperville Jaycees. New Tactics New tools: Social media for social good: A how to guide for nonprofits
Revamped Facebook, Twitter, and Website presence.
Updated newsletter and correspondence through constant contact.
Electronic surveys to update membership and collect data on changes in membership.
Director to member engagement through phone, email, and social media.
Leadership in Development Training Opportunities Findings and Suggestions Reinvigorated 60th anniversary campaign
Artifact book designed around 60th anniversary accomplishments
Membership drive to reach goal of 200 members
new social media campaign designed around 60th to engage membership a.k.a. "the issue" What we know The growth of service organizations boomed from their inception in 1905- 1960's
These groups emphasized the importance of being civic minded.
Often used to develop business relationships and community influence. Change & Developments Resurgence Deeper Exploration Theories on Causes Impact of the Decline Clear and Present Danger a.k.a. "addressing the issue" a.k.a. "overcoming the issue" New Programs Rally Members around significant and achievable goals for membership
Apply new approaches to fundraising
Involve other not-profits. Reach out to those we assist
Involve new media outreach like pintrest and mobile phone App 1960's-80's saw a decline in "American Civic Life"
Possible factors behind the decline include Women's Rights, Cultural Revolution, and the technological revolution. Several Presidential programs including Points of Light (Bush Sr.) and Peace Corp (Clinton) increased awareness.
Rise in international expansion of Service Organizations and global causes.
In 2002, Department of Labor surveys began annually tracking volunteerism. (1974, 89)
Natural Disasters, Tragedy, & Social Media motivate volunteers. New generation of patriotism. Financial and time commitment pressure
Business and employees no longer local
Longer involved members unwilling to change
Lowered sense of community spirit
Simpler networking with technology Diminished capacity for infrastructure assistance i.e. monetary, goods, civic government.
Less leadership development
Removed opportunity for social and community relationship development. Increase in gap between government funds and community welfare needs.
Removed connectivity of local community members
Removal of civic assisted/managed programs in health care, welfare, and entertainment. SWOT Analysis One of the top 5 largest cities in Illinois with 142,000 residents.
Diverse demographics with median age of 35
Nearly 60 years of history and resources
Received over 25 regional and national awards in past 10 years
Strong presence in community and civic events.
Least expensive, most fun social organization membership. Focus on outreach, community visibility, and social membership functions has diminished
Board involvement in committees and general membership is reduced
Financial hardship due to weather and rising cost has impacted fundraising
Little to no training has been utilized in recent history to build mission and membership.
Current membership dropping or forced to age out faster than new members are joining. Changing from fiscal to calendar year for leadership.
Taking advantage of regional, state, and national training and programs offered.
Fundraising with new sources and new tools such as social media.
Using social media to engage and grow membership.
Reaching out to new target members through the chamber, local colleges, and socials
Providing more opportunity for transference of knowledge with leadership roles Strength Weakness Opporunity Threats Continued decline in fundraising.
Loss of membership/ volunteer manpower.
Competing activities and social interests
More engagement from other social orgs.
Recession and job market shifts.
Animosity between current membership when poor performance occurs. (Blame Game)
Social media replacing need for face to face networking
Lack of education about social organizations during generational shifts. Developing Leadership Identity "...a relational process of people together attempting to accomplish change or make a difference to benefit the common good" (Komives,2005) "Evolution" Emphasize community spirit and accomplishments to increase participation.
Highlight mission and culture within the organization
Focus on developing new leaders by providing opportunity and training
Rebuild credibility and education about organization in the community The End... Jaycees: http://www.naperjaycees.org/
Rotary: http://napervillerotary.clubexpress.com/
Exchange: www.exchangeclub.org
Kiwanis: http://www.napervilleeveningkiwanis.org/about.html http://www.volunteermatch.org/search/index.jsp?l=Naperville,%20IL Please Give Today!!
Your funds can go towards sponsorship of fundraising and community programing as well as leadership development in our community. If you are unable to do so. Please consider giving your time, and attend the next Jaycces General Meeting at 7:30 PM on March 12th at the VFW Hall in downtown Naperville.
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