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Alexander Graham Bell

No description

Carly Bursch

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Alexander Graham Bell

The photophone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant, Charles Tainter, on February 19, 1880. He built the photophone because the telephone used electricity and the photophone doesn't. The photophone uses a beam of light to send messages instead of electricity. This invention helped save electricity which helped the environment and the community. Overall, the photophone was the same as the telephone except that it didn't use any electricity. This also helped inspire more green inventions that would decrease electricity consumption.
Letter from Alexander to his Parents

The Graphophone
In 1879 Alexander Graham Bell started making improvements to Thomas Edison's phonograph and called it the graphophone. He set out to improve the phonograph because he thought it could be and aid for teaching the deaf. Alexander also loved teaching the deaf so he was really interested in this. He just wanted to know why the tinfoil disks didn't last long, so he and his assistant went out and made new wax disk. This invention impacted the community because it collected sound vibrations on a disk which helped the deaf people learn.
Alexander Graham Bell
The Telephone
Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone on March 10, 1876. He invented the telephone to make it easier and faster to get messages over long distances to certain people.The telephone was way faster than the telegraph and could send more than one message at a time which was convenient. After inventing the telephone life became easier and it brought way more inventions soon after. It inspired people to try and improve it as other people had tried to improve the telegraph.
Twisted Pair
The twisted pair was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. He invented the twisted pair to help cancel out electromagnetic interference during phone calls. They were another invention to help out his main invention the telephone. The twisted pair helped the community because it made them able to block out noise interference when they were in the middle of a call so they could understand the person on the other end of the line.
By : Carly Bursch
I dedicate my prezi to Alexander Graham Bell's father Alexander Melville Bell. Without him, Alexander wouldn't have became the man that he was. Alexander Senior inspired his son because he was also an inventor and teacher trying to actively help the deaf-mute. Alexander might have never become an inventor an invented the telephone without the role model of a father he had.
Alexander Graham Bell was a famous inventor who was born on March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was born to Alexander Melville Bell and Eliza Symond Bell with two brothers named Melville and Edward. He was most famous for inventing the telephone, but he also invented the graphophone, the photophone, and the twisted pair. He was married to Mabel Hubbard Bell and had four kids, two sons that died in infancy and two daughters, Marian and Elsie. He died on August 2, 1922 at the age of 75.
This was a letter to his parents telling them that he had tested his telephone and that it had been successful. That all his hard work had paid off and that he had invented the future.
Alexander's Notebook
This was the notebook Alexander kept to keep track of all of his inventions and all the work he did throughout his life. It has the steps he took, his mistakes and every note he took throughout his career.
Letter from Alexander to his Wife

If I were in his shoes...
If were in Alexander's shoes I would have invented the telephone but then I would have tried to invent other useful things that were completely different. He invented the phone but then just kept inventing different but similar models instead of exploring other inventions. He did invent very useful things but he didn't try to go out of the box and invent something else, so if I were him I would have tried to invent other things too, like a car.
Alexander sent a letter to his wife to check up on her. He also was interested as to why she sent a letter to her mom about woman's rights.
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