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No description

Kendy Bautista

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Syria

Kendy Bautista
Sarah Vanlandingham
Jordan Lemieux

Wars & Conflicts
1940: World War II
-Syria helps Free France in order to gain independence
2007: Israel bombs Syrian Nuclear Reactor
2011: Arab Spring
-began December 18,2010
2013: Syria bombs Raqqa due to rebellion
2013: Chemical weapons in Syria used against civilians
Significant Events
Main Events
1920-1940: Syria fights for independence

1958: Syria joins United Arab Nations

1967: Syria wants Israel to return Goldan Heights

2007: Refugees flee to Syria because of US invasion in Iraq
Hafiz al-Assad (1970-2000)
joined Baath Party in 1946
Bashar al-Assad (2000-present)
Law is a mix of Islamic law with French Law
Baath Party
founded in 1947 by Michel Alflag
Free Syrian Army
rebel group since 2011
political goal: Removal of Bashar al-Assad
Muslim Brotherhood
Islamic political organization
Developing country
official economy policy since 1963
Central Bank of Syria controls all banks
2012/2013 economic recession
infrastructure damage caused inflation
Progress in paying off debt
Settled debt with Iran & World Bank
Progress in paying Germany, France, Russia
Payed off all debt to Czech Republic & Slovakia
Religion & Ethnic groups
Ethnic groups:
Majority: Bedouin
Minority: Kurdish

4/5 Syria's population is Muslim
3/4 of Syria's Muslim's are Sunni Islam
2nd largest Alawites
minority religions: Christianity and Jews
(Etheredge 34)
Geographical landmarks
Syria's Foreign Relations
Primary Crops: olives, barely, lentils, sugar beets, beef, mutton, wheat, eggs, poultry,milk
Cash crop: Cotton
("Syria" nations)
Syria & Russia
Syria & the US
Syria sponsors terrorism
U.S imposed sanctions
U.S doesn't offer financial aid and doesn't sell weapons
Syria believes that the U.S is biased towards Isreal
Syria has a supply of chemical and biological weapons.
Syria & the Middle East
association goes back to the ruling of the Hafiz al-Assad
Russia supported Syria
veto sanctions
supplies Syria with weapons and financial aid
mostly desert climate
annual rainfall: 8-15 in.
Extreme temperatures
("Syria" nations)
Rivals with Iraq
Close ties with Lebanon
VERY Hostile towards Isreal
Syria & Europe
mainly economic relationship
most Syrian exports go to Europe
EU (European Union) gives Syria financial aid
Total Area: 185,180 sq. km("Syria" Geography)
Highest point: Mt. Hermon (religious meanings)
Euphrates River(Etheredge 36)

Overview of Syria
Syria's Leaders (dictators)
Hafiz al-Assad
Bashar al-Assd

Al- assad and the Alawites
Assad regime: Shabiha militia:
mainly Alawite activists
2013 ethnic cleansing
Sectarian cleansing
("Syrian Sunnis)
led in the worst atrocities of the Syrian civil war("How Bashar")
Fun Facts:
French is also spoke in Syria
Bosra was the first city in Syria to convert to Islam
The city of Aleppo is said to be over 5,000 years old
Latakia, a port in Syria, is believed to of existed in 400 BC
Muslim Brethren vs. Baath regime
Muslim Brethren:
Sunni Islamic militiants
Jund Allah= "God's Soliders"
violence towards the Syrian and Baath Regimes
Baath regime:
founded:1947- Michel Aflaq
Arab nationalism
Leaders: Army officers
("Syria's ruling")
Independence: April 17, 1946- France
Capital: Damascus
Official Language:Arabic
Population: 22,530,746
Currency: Syrian Pound
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