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QUEST Presentation

No description

Terry Simmonds

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of QUEST Presentation

In 2002 I had a Dream! 2006 One of my staff had a number of PC SAS licences
that another area didn't want.
The Journey to utilizing an intelligent analytics platform had begun We Stumbled onto SAS Needed more power than a PC
Needed something we could distribute easily
Needed something manageable and functional
Needed something that was multi-use and multi-functional. Decided to Build Desktop Server solution We had many systems and needed to rationalize them to save costs and time. Success meant more than just a system, but ... Negotiations Began with
Senior Management
for a National Analytics and
Forecasting Platform 2002 2 years as Manager of Strategic Forecasting Group
Discovered there was tremendous need to deliver
analytics and reporting to Regional General Managing
Directors We were sourcing from multiple systems We were duplicating work from other areas in the Business Unit Needed a coordinated cost effective approach to data management
Analytics and Forecasting Separate database for data separate analytics platfrom Means multiple costs for
Managing different platforms
Staff knowledge
Multiple staff We stumbled along for time with manual extraction and copying of data. We copy and pasted out of text files into Excel files Then loaded these files into PC SAS to do analytics and forecasting Something needed to change! We decided we needed to train our staff so we arranged
for a Programming 1 and 2 week long intensive. Needed something for ETS so we also trained other staff in
Time Series Forecasting We needed something we could Automate!!! To make this work we needed
to change our processes We needed to simplify what we did We needed to standardize it Then we could automate it to get the productivity benefits The rewards were HUGE!!! We managed to reduce three weeks work
every month, down to ... ... 20 Minutes a month So we bought a small version of SAS BI Server 2012 We rolled out the final version of ForeTel on
6 x 64 Bit Quad processor server farm
Enterprise BI, Forecast Server, DI, OLAP Server
Scheduler and much more ... Dec 2007 First Version of ForeTel on
Enterprise SAS BI
6 x 32Bit Quad Processor Servers
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