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Work&Travel Fun Resume

No description

Nastia Židovlenkova

on 18 April 2015

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Transcript of Work&Travel Fun Resume

We are 3 girls from Lithuania participating in "Work&Travel USA 2015" program.
let us introduce ourselves!
The End
I wish we had more time together, but sadly we don't. So I guess this is goodbye, for now.
-Noor H Mougharbel ❤
My name is Anastasia, but friends call me NiceTea.
I am 20 years old and I am studying Multimedia and Computer Design at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.
2. I love hip-hop culture. Actually I even used to breakdance and popping! And I like spray art.
3. Now I am freestyle slalom skater and I love longboarding.
4. I love dogs and I have one - bichon frize named Justin :)
It's snow
5. I am a perfectionist! My friends say it's good, but sometimes it's annoying.
1. I am creative person - love doing DIY's and drawing!
5 facts about me:
Anastasija Židovlenkova
New York
Paulina Vasiliauskaitė
Greta Bartkutė
My name is Greta.
I am a girl and I am always with the smile.
Interesting facts about me:
My name is Paulina,
Nice to meet you!
I am 21 year old
student of economics
in Vilnius university.

I am very cheerful and optimistic person.
Currently I am working as sales assistant at clothes shop.
In my free time I love traveling, sports, participating in various events and drawing.
My biggest dream is to visit California!
I am 20 years old

Student of Multimedia Technology
in Kaunas Collage
I go in theater troupe. Theater in my life takes very important part.
I am the member of an international organization. AIESEC provides me for leadership development.
I practically know what hard work means
Greta Bartkutė is:
I have worked in various places. So I have a lot of experiences.
Always trying to getting out of my comfort zone
A LIITLE BIT perfectionist
Big city, absolutely different lifestyle, new meetings, gorgeous views.. Paradise!
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