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The Future

It's the future

John Flint

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of The Future

THE FUTURE What Will It Look Like? What Can You Expect? ENERGY Tr We Are Going To Tell You
Th Energy
Future Cities Solar Energy Wind Power
Future Batteries
Lithium Air Batteries
More powerful and lightweight
These batteries electrochemiclly couple a lithium anode
to oxygen from the atmosphere.
Unlike Lithium Ion batteries, the Cathode in these batteries is
carbon based, which is lighter since it doesn't use all the compunds a
Lithium Ion Battery does.
This means there is a higher energy density, which results in more power.

In Scottland there is an idea
to put solar pannels in un-used water ways.
This would provide the city with energy,
and not cause to much congestion. Solar Energy doesn't just mean solar Pannels.
In California an idea has been submited to use mirrors
to reflect sunlight at huge tubs filled with water.
This would heat the water causing it to steam, making turbines spin, and producing power for major cities.
The best place to use such a tecnology would be in the desert.

Wind Energy can be harnessed thourgh
useing big wind tubines.
The turbine captures the kinetic energy
from the wind.
The blades then spin a shaft inside the turbine,
and the shaft turns an electical generator.
The generator converts the kinetic energy into electrical energy. Everyday Life Food
Around the House In the Future, there is going to be the same food that we have today.
Wheat, Corn, Fruits an Veggies. The problem in the future is going to be gorwing enough food to sustain everybody.
The worlds poplulation continues to grow, and places to grow food are becoming scarce. Bathrooms: The Ultimate clean UV Toilet This toilet sanitizes by using UV light
and heat to destroy particle matter. Kitchen Solar Power is energy from the sun
that is changed into electrical energy through solar pannels
and a charge controler.
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