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School Advocacy

No description

Cosette Ormord

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of School Advocacy

Special School Programs
Lack of funding reduces programs
AP/Honor Classes
Special Ed/ Remedial Classes
Programs not being tailored to students needs
Not hiring proper staff/educators
1A schools compared to larger schools
Education Spending
down 16.5%
$950 less per student
General and LOB Spending Declined (largest operating source for local school districts)
Teacher Layoffs
Larger Classroom Sizes
Points of Interest
1. Funding

2. Facilities and Equipment

3. Teachers

4. Special Programs
Facilities and Equipment
Students face poor conditions
Out of Date Learning Materials
old, ripped textbooks
Schools don't always have advanced equipment
Staff cuts
School Advocacy
Annual Salary
Pay cuts
Poverty line
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