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world religions

World religions(:

KayCee Kimbell

on 22 June 2010

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Transcript of world religions

WORLD RELIGION Buddhism: founded in around 460 B.C Originated in India 4 noble truths,
buddhist precepts, and the
eightfold path were all
doctorines of Buddhism. Major Literature included:
Theravada, Mahayana,
and Vajrayana Christianity: Began in Judea which is modern day Isreal Founded in 33 A.D The Bible is the sacred text of the christian religion. Jesus was the major prophet. Along with others like moses and noah Hinduism: Began 5000 or more years ago in north west India believes in karma, reincarnation, Bhakti was the scripture of devotional poems. Siva is the creator maintainer and destroyer of life Brahmins are priests. Islam: Originated in Mecca in 610 C.E Quran is the holy text of the Islam religion. Prophet Mohammad was
known as the last prophet. He recieved revalations from God and put them in the Quran 5 pillars of Islam are expected to be done by every Muslim Judaism: In 70 A.D the jews were forced out of Jerusalem and sent to settle in Mediterranean countries and other areas in south west Asia. Statement of Faith was made by Moses Maimonides. He tried to put all of the Jewish ways into one. The Torah regulated thow Jews were to live their lives. The Talmud is the Jewish library of law and tradition
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