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Business Process Modelling

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on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Business Process Modelling

Business Process Modelling
Rich Picture
Work System Analysis Model
system is linked with the loyalty point scheme
Executive Summary
WRB are a rapidly expanding organisation with high consumer demand and hope to aid this growth and overcome current issues through technologically transforming their processes.
Group 1
Porter's Value Chain
PESTLE Analysis
Porter's Competitive Forces
BPMN: Online Menu + Pick up
BPMN: Table Reservation
BPMN: Current Ordering Process
BPMN: Automatic Stock Ordering
BPMN: Loyalty Points Scheme
BPMN: Crowd Source Delivery
BPMN: McFarlan's Strategic Grid
SWOT Analysis
(Following Alter's Framework)
We prepared a SWOT analysis to help us analyse the current situation of the business by assessing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that exist.

In relation to Well Renowned Burger, as it is a small business, their PESTLE analysis has taken into account a lot of external factors that could either affect the business in the short term or the long term.
Each of the concepts will help to improve the efficiency of the WRB and the business is making a large effort to a period of technological change, meaning that it is not left trailing in the market.

business employs additional staff in order to overcome this problem
company introduces a timer to schedule stock checks at certain time such as peak times
company offers opportunities for the customers to gain further points through activities interacting with WRB through social network
crowd source should be done less often to avoid unncessary problems
Well Renowned Burger is a reasonably successful business looking to expand its processes through incorporating new technology initiatives.
improve the efficiency
design the new changes
development stage
recommend any changes they would like to see implemented
Stock ordering system - assisting the employees with what would usually be a manual task.
Crowd source delivery - unique feature that would enable competitiveness. This would reduce the most prominent problem of queues.
Mobile application - innovation and new technological change could be beneficial once they have solved the main issues.
Loyalty points scheme - this will encourage customers to return to WRB act as competitive advantage.
Traditional methods of carrying out tasks e.g. replenishing stock and serving orders directly in the cafe.
Chaotic and disruptive atmosphere with long waiting times.
• Online website with user accounts and menu for browsing and adding items to the basket.

• Live updates on the website of table availability in the cafe.

• Back-end system which automatically checks the stock database for products where the availability is less than 10. The system should contact the supplier’s database and process an order for an additional 20 of these particular products.

• Social media for publicity and positive customer relationships. Correspond with regular customers and through exclusive 'crowd source delivery' network.

• Ongoing maintenance and training for employees.
Customers: local residents, tourists, city centre employees
Products: Two burgers - hamburger and cheeseburger
Customer views menu online
A user profile is created
Customer specifies order using the “shopping basket”
Payment is processed
Option of reserving a table is provided
Notification sent when table becomes available
Customer arrives at the cafe
Order is collected
Stock control system recognises if stock is low/empty after orders have been completed

EPOS (shopping basket)
Web-based online menu
User accounts
Customer’s device (laptop, smartphone, tablet)
Table availability system
Stock control system
Industry Rivalry

- Established chains with larger variety on menus and nicer interiors
Buyer Power

- Want more diverse menu

- Need rewarding loyalty point scheme
Threat of New Entrants

-Northern Quarter is a popular food location

-Existing businesses expanding into burger market
Threat of Substitutes

- Large food chains creating smaller branches

-Specialist burger menu competitor
Supplier Power

- Sole supplier - freedom to increase prices of stock

- Limited range of stock used
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