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How does literature shape or reflect society

english 11 honors

Taryn Wilson

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of How does literature shape or reflect society

Literature is the base of society, whether it is fiction or nonfiction. Merica' Literature depends on the trend of society. How Does Literature Shape or Reflect Society? An example of this is the book ''The Hunger Games''. In the book the Everdeen family is going through a financial struggle, and often had to succumb to picking through trashcans for food. Tragedy in society is also commonly evident in the author's work. Events happening in society will usually reflect in the authors work. An example of this is the book: ''The Boy in The Striped Pajamas''. This book is about two boys living in the time of the Holocaust. One boy lives at a concentration camp, and the other boy is the son of a general at the camp. One day the general's son ventures over to the camp to explore because he didn't know what it was. He made friends with the other young boy in the camp, and that day they became victims of the camp, by dying in a gas chamber. Literature also reflects society by entertaining and spreading new ideas.
Society will decide how it feels about a piece of work Sometimes the opinion of a piece of work can be positive AND negative. The song ''Beer With Jesus'' has had a shared opinion since it has been released. Some listeners listen to the song and believe it is just about what they would talk about if they could have a casual conversation with Jesus. Others listen to it and say it is hypocritical because it is about drinking and Jesus. Another example of society having a shared opinion on a piece of work is the Twilight series. Many people like the idea of vampires and werewolves, while others don't like the idea of supernatural beings. Entertainment is how literature is spread throughout the world. Literature reflects society's
good and bad values. In the bible, there is a story of two brothers, Cain and Abel. One of the brothers has an extreme jealousy of the other and kills him. This reflects the bad values in society. Literature has the ability to make society realize its mistakes An example of good value in society is in the book The Blind Side. In the book a family takes in a homeless high school student and show him that he can be loved. Literature and society go hand in hand. Society is the building block of literature. Without one, the other is nothing. Thomas Rhett Works cited:

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