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Teacher Tools- Instant Group Maker

No description

Audrey Leach

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Teacher Tools- Instant Group Maker

By: Audrey Leach Teacher Tools~ Instant Group Maker When we become teachers, we are going to be faced with the challenge of putting children into groups for projects, activities, and/ or centers. It is important for the teacher to be fair and be sure that the groups of children will work well together. This website is a wonderful teacher tool that allows teachers to create groups in a quick and easy way! Step 1: Go to the following website to create groups!
http://www.superteachertools.com/instantclassroom/group-maker.php Step 3: Name the group. I named mine "centers" because this would be a way to create groups for rotating during centers. This is what opens up when you first enter the website! Step 2: Click the button "Create A Group Now" to begin! Step 4: Enter in the names of the students in your class Step 5: The next page will bring you to this. You can pick a seating chart maker, random name generator, or a group maker Instant Group Maker Step 6: Next, you will decide how many children you would like in a group and click the button "create groups!" Done! And now you have your groups set up! It is super easy and quick for a teacher to use!
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