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Using pearsonsuccessnet.com

Used during the Sumner County Technology Summit on June 14 & 15, 2011. (Sumner County, Tennessee)

Karen Carpenter

on 27 October 2011

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Transcript of Using pearsonsuccessnet.com

Student Success
Leads to
Teacher Success
Leads to
Student Success What is your "OVERWHELMING" task? NEW TAP Rubric for
teacher evaluations Grouping
Students Teacher Knowledge
of Students Data for both kinds of instruction 2 types of Reports Test Scores Mastery Report Whole Group Individual Students ALL Reading Street tests are available Weekly Selection
tests Unit tests Benchmark
test Baseline
Group Test Other features
on website Leveled Reader
Database Teacher's Manual
Resources Student/Parent
login Teacher
Notices this data helps you form your flexible small groups that are based on skill mastery Grouping Students The instructional grouping arrangements adequately enhance student understanding and learning efficiency.
Instructional group composition is varied to, most of the time, accomplish the goals of the lesson. Teacher Knowledge of Students Teacher practices display understanding of some student anticipated learning difficulties.
Teacher sometimes provides differentiated instructional methods and content to ensure children have the opportunity to master what is being taught. Teacher's Manual Resources Daily Fix-It Transparencies
Fresh Reads for Differentiated Test Practice
Writing Transparencies
Grammar Transparencies
Practice Book
Graphic Organizer
Skill Transparencies
Grammar & Writing Practice Book
Leveled Reader Teaching Guide
Spelling Practice Book
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