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Chaparral biome

No description

Jeranie Johnson

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Chaparral biome

Chaparral Biome "Over 20 destinations to experience the coastal Mediterranean evergreens of a chaparral !" Locations west coast of north America
cape town of south Africa
western tip of Australia Abiotic factors Hot & dry summers
cool, moist winters
nutrient poor soil
periodic fires Native Plants and adaptations Toyon -have adapted to sustain seeds even after a large fire in order to re-sprout and reproduce Ceanothus - have adapted by having some fire cue to germinate Chamise- resprout AND germinate after a fire. Native animals and adaptations Black-tailed Jackrabbit -huge ears. It can regulate its body heat by increasing or decreasing the blood flow through its ears. Cactus Wren- Breed in succession chaparral scrub (chaparral that has recently come back from a burn). aardwolf- can handle very hot weather. Cooperation and competition The weather in chaparrals are very hot soo there is a huge "competition" for water and food Cooperation among the animals are very rare. but in some cases bigger animals can be helpful to smaller animals. Recreational activities Backpacking
off roading
rock hounding
wildlife watching Interest California is a chaparral many people live in california but more people visit it everyday. the warm weather brings people from all around.
chaparrals are also popular places because of the ddifference in soil and many people study that. average percipitation Average Temprature Supplies needed for vacation water
light clothing Warnings Threats:
Animals not having enough water and dying
Developement of cities and towns ** All have adaptations to extremely hot weather and lack of water The fear of climate change is that it will dry up all the water leaving every plant and animal to die Endangered species California candor
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