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2013 Front Line Leadership Program

Focus Group Discussion Results, February 10-25, 2013, Across SPi Global Philippine Sites and Facilities

SPi Global

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of 2013 Front Line Leadership Program

Focus Sustaining the Direction Through a Coaching Roadmap, People Profiles, Leadership Styles, and Quality Tools
Managing Communication, Change, Attitude, and Values Focus Thinking & Habits Series
Frameworks in Handling Problems & Acting on Opportunities
Path from Independence/ Interdependence to Empowerment Focus Handling of One's Environment & the Team
Skills Needed in Meeting Targets Through People, Willingly Focus Translating Goals to Plans
Understanding Basic Business Metrics & Financials
Effecting Goals, Plans & the BSC/PMC through Coaching
The Sigma Culture of Excellence In a Nutshell 2013 Front Line Leadership Program Four-Level Analysis Ideal Qualities? Target
Features Task and
Skills? Courses? Target
Anchors Target
Environment Target
Outcome Reasons? Curriculum Putting the pieces together From TLs, Supervisors & Officers Responsible
Excellent Communicator
Goal- or Results-Oriented
Initiator/Proactive Patient
Has Integrity
Can Manage Stress From Managers & Up Responsible
Excellent Communicator
Goal- or Results-Oriented
Initiator/Proactive Good People-Handling Skills
Change Catalyst
Drives Excellence An Ideal FLL Task & People-Handling Skills Needed Coaching (Models)
Time Management
Critical Thinking/PSDM
Computer Literacy
Six Sigma
Organization Influencing
Good Listening
People Management
Coaching (Implementation)
Leadership Course Envisioned Task Programs Time Management
MS Excel
Coaching (Models)
Effective Communication
MS Power Point Six Sigma
Presentation Skills
Financial Management
Project Management People-Handling Programs Data Analysis Mindset for the Team
Personality Development
Performance Management
Managing Work Attitudes
Conflict Management
Behavioral Improvement Programs Anger Management
HR Courses/HR Roadshow
Team Dynamics/Team Building
Lifestyle/Health Management
People Management
Leadership Programs Overall Reasons for Program Importance Self Development
Boost Morale & Motivation
Manage Time Effectively
Resolve Conflicts
Team Development/Teamwork
Develop Better Leaders & Successors
People Management
To Meet or Exceed Client's Expectations
Task/Work Management
Work-Life Balance
Reduce Attrition Respondents The Learning Framework Enterprise Growth The Curriculum Task People Talent Pool Empowering Individuals
Creating Leaders
Building Teams Role Appreciation Role Definition Addressing Challenges Expanding The Role Sustaining Effectiveness The House of Leadership:
Managing the Transition The Eye of Leadership:
Having the Super Vision The Challenges of Leadership:
Making the Grade The Leadership Stretch:
Leading Towards Greater Heights The Path of Leadership:
Sustaining a Culture of Excellence Leadership
Forums Classroom
Learning Projects &
Assessment Roundtable
Discussions 50% Time Exposure
12 Courses 50% Time Exposure
9 Courses Focus Program Opening/Guide
Program Metrics & Schedule
VMV & History
Industry Setting
Mindset of Transition
Basic Supervisory Concepts The World We Live In:
I Am SPi Global 40% The World We Live In:
The House of Leadership

I Coach, Counsel and Mentor for Success:
Coaching Series 1 60% Goal-Setting, Resource & Action Planning: The EDSODA Toolkit
Understanding Targets: Basic Metrics, Financials & Service Delivery
Reaching Development & Career Goals through the PMC/BSC: Managing Performance Series 1
Effective Meetings, Presentations/Reports, Calls & Emails: Organizing Communication Series 1
The Sigma Culture: Orientation to Six Sigma 70% The Coaching Roadmap: Coaching Series 2
The Leadership Camp: Coaching Series 3 30% Time & Stress Management: Effective Self-Management
Assertive Communication: Organizing Communication Series 2 50% Motivating for Results Workshop: Paradigms in Motivation
Sustaining Discipline: Performance Series 2 50% Critical Thinking: The SAPADAPPA Approach
Creative Thinking: The ES2RC Approach 50% Effective Leadership Habits: The Habits to Live By 50% Communicating Change: Organizing Communication Series 3
The Seven Quality Tools: Managing Performance Series 3 40% Situational Leadership: S1 to S4 Leadership Styles
Managing Attitudes and Values Enhancement: Riding the WAVE 60% Next Steps What could be more vital to a company's long-term health than the choice and cultivation of its leaders?
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