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Drag Queens

How are Drag Queens deviant?

Breanna Hemmel

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Drag Queens

Double click anywhere & add an idea Drag Queens: What makes
them deviant? Thesis: Drag Queens deviant behavior can be best descibed by the labeling theory because of society's reaction to Drag Queen's behavior and the way they dress. Drag Queens deviance results not
from the act of what they do, but
how we respond to their actions.
We give them the lable "drag
queen". This creates the deviance. What is a drag queen? Drag queens are males who take on the role of a female. They dress up in very extravagant female clothing and usually perform by... History of Drag Queens In the U.S. drag queens did not become popular until after the First World War, but men dressing like women has dated back to the 13th century when women were not allowed to act in plays. Famous Drag Queens RUPAUL Hedda Lettuce Kelly Lip Syncing Celebrity Impersonating performing at pageants Lady Bunny Many famous actors have also
played roles where they had to
dress in drag... Robin Williams/Mrs Doubtfire EddieMurphy/Norbit ...and Kansas City's most famous drag queen!!... John Travolta/Edna Turnblad Martin Lawrence/Big Momma Marlon and Shawn Wayans/
Brittnay and Tiffany Wilson
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