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World history 1.04

This is my presontation for the golden age of Islam.

Aaron Jonas

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of World history 1.04

The Golden Age of Islam. Economic! In the Islamic world during the golden age, the Islamic economic groups consisted of Muslims as the majority and taxed all non-Muslims. This caused many other people in other religions to convert Islam just to avoid paying the tax. Intellectual! The Islamic House of Wisdom attracted scholars from the surrounding continents. Political! As Islam spread throughout the surrounding countries, more people were forced to speak Arabic, the official language, making it easier to communicate. This helped the trade increase and expand to long distances. Social! The Islamic faith spread throughout the Arab region, (due to fear of being taxed), and information from different cultures became part of the Muslim Empire. I hope you liked my little presentation. :) By: Yours truly (Aaron Murray)
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