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No description

D.J. Pollitt

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Swindle

SWINDLE By: Gordon Korman Characters Griffin Pitch Griffin is the man with the plan and the leader/the brains of the op. Pitch is the climber in the group and always wants to climb Ben Ben is the smallest kid in town and can fit anywhere Logan Logan is the actor and is always working on acting Blah Blah Blah Blah Melissa Melissa is very shy but she knows a lot about technology S. Wendell Aka: Swindle he is the Bad guy in the story Tom Dufferin Tom is Swindles assistant at the shop Savannah Savannah is the animal expert in the group Luthor Luthor is the guard dog at Swindles shop Genre The genre of this book is... Realistic fiction and Mystery I really liked this book because it had so many twists and turns and kept me guessing I give this book 5 stars Setting This book takes place in Cedarville NY But more specifically Cedarville middle school Palomino's Emporium of Collectibles Swindles house Griffins house Ben's house Figurative language Metaphor "The dogs teeth were daggers coming out of its mouth'' example Summary This book starts off with Griffin the main character and his friend Ben spending the night at an abandoned house.Well exploring the house Griffin finds a Babe Ruth baseball card in a room.The next morning they go to a collectors shop to see how much its worth.The man that is standing behind the desk is named S. Wendell or (Swindle).He tells Griffin it is a fake and only gives him 100 dollars.That night Griffin is watching the news and he sees Swindle talking about his card and how valuable it is.Griffin races to the store to get his card back from the man that robed him of it.When he got there every body was gone.Later Griffin makes a plan to steal the card back.His plan is perfect but one thing the card isn't there.Later Griffin finds out the card is in Swindles house and must make a new plan.Will his plan succeed,will he get justice,and will he stay out of jail? Conclusion I really enjoyed this book and if you like action and mystery I think you will to! I recommend this book to Cole
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