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Carbon Cycle

Melody Futch Science 7th period

Melody Futch

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Carbon Cycle

CARBON Step 1.
Carbon Atom is in the atmosphere Step 2.
Atom absorbs into grass. Step 3.
PHOTOSYNTHESIS! Atom is now a sugar molecule Step 4.
Grass is eaten by a cow Step 5.
Carbon atom is now digested into cow. Step 6.
Cow is killed by hunter, meat is sold, and a human eats it. Step 7.
Meat digests, atom becomes part of consumers body. Step 8.
Consumer is killed in car accident Step 9.
Car catches fire with the body in it. Step 10.
Atom is burned and combined with oxygen and is released back into the atmosphere. Step 11.
Atom starts cycle over in atmosphere Step 12.
Atom is not absorbed and stays in atmosphere. Step 13.
Absorbs into leaf of plant. Step 14.
Photosynthesis- Atom is changed into a sugar molecule. Step 15.
Molecule makes up the tissue of a plant. Step 16.
Plant dies and releases carbon atom. Step 18.
Atom is made into molecule of the fungus. Step 19.
Mushroom is eaten by a fly. Step 20.
Atom is incorporated into a molecule of the insects body. Step 21.
The fly is eaten by a frog Step 22.
Atom in fly, is digested and makes tissue in the frogs body. Step 23.
Frog gets run over by a car on the highway, and dead frog gets pushed into a nearby woods. Step 24.
The woods catches on fire. CYCLE Step 25.
Frog is being burned oxygen is combining with carbon atom and is released back into the atmosphere. I'm a carbon atom.
Follow me as I journey through the carbon cycle. The End... of the presentation.
As for the carbon cycle, it goes on forever. Step 17.
Atom is consumed by a mushroom.
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