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Beverages Export

Kleber Bonancio

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of Presentation

Brassaria Ampolis
More than a fun brewery with the soul of samba and Rio de Janeiro these beers were created by a son as a tribute to his father. One of the most beloved artist in the history of Brazil.

A seal of quality, innovation and creativity with the mission of raising the level of beers drank in Brazil in a light and humorous way.

We are the exclusive exporters from some of the most famous and prestigious brands in Brazil.

All of our partners are handpicked and can individually represent the Brazilian flavors and life style and together form a strong and unique portfolio.

Our craft beers, drinks and Cachaças exceed on only in product quality but in their presentation and visual identity as well.
About us
Live Comercio is a trade company born in Rio de janeiro, Brazil through the link up of several top professionals in the area


Our services
Live Comercio is a trade company that works with the best Brazilian drinks, Craft beers and spirits, acting as a facilitators enabling the best Brazilian products to reach the global market with the best prices.

Our Goals
We strive represent only the best Brazilian brands. Offering the the global market quality products that can represent the brazilian identity in both presentation and flavors.
Cachaça drink Chuva
Chuva is a RTD (ready to drink) that is made with tropical ingredients and the famous Brazilian cachaça.
With five different flavors (Honey, Cinnamon, Açai and Guarará, coconut and Lime) Chuva quickly became a sensation in the Brazilian market and now it is starting it’s endeavors in the global Market.
Chuva cachaça drink has 20% alcohol and it comes with different flavors such as:

Açai and guaraná

Chuva cachaça drink 700ml bottle are ready to drink, you can drink it with ice, with a glass shot or to compose new drinks
Unique Products
Powerful Network
Best Prices
Key Advantages
Brazilian Market
Global Market

Our Brands
World Wide solutions
Cachaça Wiba!

The cachaça is a typical Brazilian drink, protagonist of one of the most famous cocktails in the world: Caipirinha, thereby, being considered one of the most consumed drinks in Brazil.

WIBA! arrived to move the market, surprising to bring a new
consumption way.

We deconstructed the traditional caipirinha, and created the WIBA! Caipirinha-in-the-mouth way, allowing different flavors and sensations discovery.


A homage and an official gift from Mussum's family to those who appreciate good laughs
WIBA! family has born with three products. The best production methods, hygiene and quality, guaranteed three delicious cachaças. This is just the beginning. Soon this family is about to increase.

WIBA! distillation process uses only the prime and purest liquid called HEART. The liquids known as HEAD and TAIL, are distilled in another appropriate alembic, originating ethanol which is used for fueling up the property vehicles.

All of the production is made in modern, wide and hygienic rooms, appropriate for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Carefully so, WIBA! has already had its quality recognized by great alembic experts.

Aldehyde is one of the chemical components that causes the famous hangover. WIBA! reduces this heavy metal concentration and others, as furfural which is responsible for malodorous breath that usually drinks with dubious origins.

Our staff is always in search of quality products that can represent the Brazilian culture and fits our and ours consumers high standards
All of our products are exclusive and unique which make us a singular trade company.

Our selection is as singular as it is exquisite. Any of our products would be a great addition to any wholesaler or distributor portfolio.
Having a powerful network we are able to cut costs along all the process of the product manufacturing and export ensuring that we deliver only the best products for the lowest prices
With a vast array of logistics partners we can deliver our goods anywhere in the world in the safest and quickest way possible.

Due to our expertise and know how we can reach the best prices and with that we are able to reach all the key markets in the world with our top self products.

Mussum is a unique character created by one of the most beloved Brazilian artist.

A "man from the people", he became a myth after his death, loved by different generations like no other artist in Brazil.

20 Years after his death, one of his sons and 2 friends created a brewery as a tribute to his father, aiming to craft truly unique beers, honoring a truly unique icon.


With a high pattern production, this WIBA! rested in stainless steel vats, which made it smoother with fruity scent. It is both delicious pure and to prepare drinks.


This WIBA! is the traditional cachaça stored in Amburana barrels, a typical Brazilian wood. You will be able to feel the strong flowered and wooden presence, that both appeals classic cachaca lovers. It is remarkable, but smoothly sweetened.


Result of a careful combination of cachaças stored in brand new American oak barrels, with toast levels varying from 1 to 4, this WIBA! brings vanilla and woody notes. A hit wherever it is!

Organic Cachaça Perfeição
The Organic Cachaça Perfeição is a traditional drink designed with naturally fermented mash of organic and unique reeds, perfectly adapted to the cold climate of the highest region in the Mountain range in Minas Gerais, following strict hygiene standards in the highest quality equipment
Perfeição was conceived by the musician and cachaça affictionado Marcelo Bonfá, drummer of Legião Urbana, one of the greatest rock band from the 80's.
Perfection Pure
: The sugar cane grown in high altitude over 1300m, eventually accumulating more noble sugars due to the long cycle of cold in the winter. The result is a intense aroma distillate reminding cane at the moment it is extracted the juice, very sweet and with a touch of fennel at first contact , but that ends in a complex taste the height of its 43 GL.A strong personality of punk rock.
Perfection oak
:It is a blend made ​​by Cachaça Perfection preserved in oak barrels for three years with Cachaça Perfection Pure. The flavor of the wood is as subtle as the bend of an acoustic guitar but as determining as a drum solo. Balanced in the aroma and flavor with hints of vanilla and caramel European oak.
Cachaça Caraçuipe
Caraçuipe is a unique premium cachaça that comes in two varieties, Silver and Gold.

Combining traditional methods with new technologies Caraçuipe is able to obtain a noble product without any kind of chemical additives.
Caraçuipe Silver
A differentiated product that results from aging in barrels of neutral wood that guarantee transparency and unique flavor. A white Cachaça that brings all the tradition and history of our ingenuity .
Caraçuipe Gold
A premium product that comes from aging in European oak barrels. Its production takes place in a controlled environment , monitored by the Ministry of Agriculture. This cachaça harmonizes and balances different components , acquiring a yellowish tint , calculating its aroma and properties.
Engenho Buriti
The Engenho Buriti de Minas was born of a family's dream . The project was quickly designed as a very important ideological pillar. " Making, using modern practices and quality assurance , the best Cachaça of Minas Gerais. In 2013 , three years after the start of the Project, this maxim has been confirmed and recognized . Engenho Buriti won three medals in ExpoCachaça - São Paulo , the largest Cachaça Fair in Brazil. At that time, three of our products were awarded in different categories. The recognition is not only a joy for the family but as a pride for our city.

Engenho Buriti has several product lines with Cachaças for all tastes and preferences, ranging from traditional Cachaça White, to products aged for years in oak or Brazilian woods. A great choice for gift giving or together with friends, taste pure, with ice or in elaborate cocktails.
In order to achieve their quality goals and reference Engenho Buriti invested in sugarcane fields and in the fermentation process . They combine modern production techniques of sugarcane with the traditionalism of manual cutting and control of fermentation. All production comes their own sugarcane field.
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