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Scars by Don Aker

No description

Lemia Ismael

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Scars by Don Aker

Scars by Don Aker
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
- Daniel (Round character)

- Daniel's father (Round character)

- Daniel's mother (Flat/static character)

- Daniel's brother (Flat character)

- Doctor (Flat character)

- Nurse(flat character)
Artifact two:
Plot Diagram
The theme of the story that I concluded it was about is that everyone deals with struggles in different ways. This is specifically referring to how Daniel thought that his dad was apathetic, but instead he realized that he was simply showing his affection in a different way. This is proven in several moments throughout the story such as when Daniel states:

- "I thought about when we'd gotten home from my brothers funeral, listening to my mother crying in the next room while my father went outside to change the oil"
This shows that Daniel's father may seem apathetic, but instead he lets out his pain when dismantling cars, which is similar to the way Daniel copes with grief, which is breaking his glasses.

- "When I got up, I wasn't wearing my glasses.... When my hands finally closed on them, I didn't put them on my face. Instead, I bent back one of the bows like a wishbone and listen to it crack."
This shows how Daniel deals with conflict similarly to the way his father does, but instead he breaks his glasses because it gives him a sense of satisfaction and comfort.

- When Daniel's father was leaning under the hood and was cracking and snapping Daniel's glasses because he let out his pain and grief through breaking objects.

The theme of the story
Artifact one:
Artifacts that represent scenes from the story
Word choice and tone
Point of view
The author's (Don Aker) biography
Artifact three:
Artifact four:
Artifact five:

"Sometimes I turned the ignition while he coaxed, manipulated, or threatened tired parts back into operation."

He is stating this sentence while in a state of resentment and he is feeling inept.

"My father said nothing as he drove, of course. What needed to be said? I'd been standing too close. It was my fault."

- He is stating this sentence while feeling like he wasn't worth anything, and that him himself was just a fool and that it wasn't his fathers mistake. He was trying no matter what to get to his father's good side, even though he's been there ever since but his dad didn't seem to show him.

to influence or persuade a specific object in a gently and friendly way to complete a specific task.
- The manager coaxed her workers into completing her extra paperwork.

to disassemble, pull down or take apart a specific thing.
- If not done cautiously, dismantling vehicles is a very dangerous job that causes the lose of sight and hands.

the feeling of displeasure when doing something or being somewhere.
- Soldiers may seem apathetic, but most of them are in a state of resentment when told to kill others.

the act of a person or thing that churns (agitation and forming butter), but this is referring to his stomach strongly hurting him.
- My stomach was churning greatly, as I heard the bad news from my teacher.

To shake involuntarily, as from excitement, anger or being nervous
- My legs were trembling as I walked towards the emergency room after hearing the bad news.

Literary Devices
Symbolism: representing ideas with the use of symbols, which contributes greatly to their significance and it supports and contibutes greatly to the understanding of the point of the story.

- Double-bitted axe: an axe that has 2 cutting edges. This symbolizes how the family goes through emotional moments twice, first when the son passed away, followed by Daniel and his father's inner struggle in handling pain and grief after hardship.

-Jimmie MacBurnie and his red yarn, Jimmie uses red yarn for direction and it gives him a sense of confidence knowing the way he's going, and if he gets lost that he has items left behind that will help him in finding his way back. This symbolizes how Daniel usually has someone on his side and leads him through tough times, but not having his father on his side even though he's usually not too close to him made him notice that his father didn't care about him and his sense of "confidence" and not having a close connection with his father caused him to realize what was wrong. When he was asked about where his father was he recognized that he was inept compared to his older brother that had passed away and that his father had more care towards his cars than to his own son. Also relating to Jimmie's red yarn, Daniel had not been able to find the answer for the question imposed by the doctor, because he was out of excuses for his father.

This occurs in Daniel's backyard, hospital & at school. Daniel is the main character of the story, his father, his mother, his older brother that had passed away, the doctor and the nurse are involved in this story.

The conflict is between Daniel and himself (internal) and it is about the relationship between him and his father.

Rising Action:
Daniel is dealing with an inner struggle and it is the relationship between Daniel and his father, and how his father doesn't show any the of affection towards his son and how apathetic was throughout the entire story.

When Daniel's father doesn't come into the hospital with him, but instead does something under the hood of the car, which sounds like he was breaking something rather than fixing it.

Falling Action:
Daniel figures out that he and his father are very similar and they deal with pain in a similar way, and after all his dad did care about him but he didn't show it in a direct way.

Daniel figures out that his father was breaking the glasses that had fallen from Daniel to express his pain and when he was dealing with grief, he continued to dismantle objects. Finally, Daniel overcame his inner struggle after figuring out that he showed his care but in a different way

Daniel (Round Character)
Daniel's father (Round Character)
Daniel's mother (Flat/static character)
Daniel's brother (Flat character)
Doctor (flat character)
Nurse (stereotyped character)
"My father had a habit of staring at me for a moment when he was angry, saying nothing, as if he couldn't quite believe that I and all my ineptness had sprung form his lions."

- This shows that Daniel usually felt a sense of disregard and apathy from his father.

" I had never seen my father break anything, my father who only ever put together or took apart. Even the dismantling of the vehicles in the field behind out house was purposeful and controlled. The sounds I heard as we walked toward the car were anything but that. I'd heard these before, but their meaning was unclear, blurred like my vision."

- This shows that Daniel was surprised and confused to why his father was doing such a thing, breaking rather than fixing.
The clarification of the theme through the use of Foreshadowing & Flashbacks
Daniel is a round character because he is affected by the events that occurred throughout the story. His personality wasn't fully developed by as the story moved on, he slowly started to form his personality and started to learn about his family towards the end of the story.

Daniel has always seen his father as the strong apathetic type of father, due to his lack of emotion when specific emotional events happen in his life. But towards the end of the story, Daniel discovers that he and his father deal with their inner conflict similarly and that his father puts his pain and grief into dismantling cars rather than showing emotion just like Daniel.
Daniel's father is one of the characters in the short story that are truly impacted by the events that occur throughout the story, such as his older sons death, and the injury of Daniel with an axe. As the story went on, us as the audience slowly started to learn about his true personality and how he slowly enlightened.

The dismantling of the cars was the way he let out his emotions whereas I thought that he was apathetic. This shows how he slowly evolved into his true personality which was revealed to us, causing him to be a flat character.
Daniel's mother is a flat/static character, because she didn't undergo substantial change or growth in the course of a story. Flat characters also play a supporting role to the main character, and help them in undergoing the change and growth.

For example, Daniel's mother was on his side through all the hardships in the story but she didn't change, she stayed as is and just continued on with her life without forming a new personality ot character trait.
Daniel's brother was mentioned a couple times through the story, and he didn't play an important role in the story, but instead the struggles that the family was facing was due to the lose of this child. Daniel's brother didn't undergo any change but instead contributed to the growth of the round characters, such as Daniel and his father. Flat characters always have one characteristic, personality, personality trait, role or function. And Daniel's brother played the role of allowing Daniel to discover his father after thinking that he didn't care for him and that he was inept.
The doctor was a flat character because he had a constant role/function to perform and he was just mentioned a couple times throughout the story, specifically when Daniel's family was at the hospital.
The nurse is a stereotyped character because she is well known for her character, she is simply a nurse and no additional information needs to be added about her. She is immediately recognized because of the role that she plays throughout the story "nurse", and she simply is found at the hospital and helps the patients (eg.Daniel) like every other nurse must do.
The use of foreshadowing and flashbacks greatly helped in allowing the audience to feel how it is being in Daniel's shoes. He used flashbacks greatly to prove specific points, such as how his father didn't show care during hard moments, such as his brothers funeral and how he simply went to fill the car's gas.

He also used foreshadowing to also prove his point on how his dad finds him inept and doesn't care as much about him than about his brother that had passed away. An example would be when he said that his father went to "park" the car, but he is probably under the hood fixing the car and that happened just as Daniel had stated.
The point of view of this story is in first person, and it is in Daniel's point of view. Which means that it is an interpretation of what actually happened throughout the story and we can feel some of his emotions and thoughts throughout the story.

-I'd expected to go on feeling hurt, expected to feel the fury swell in me like our river during spring melt, but my anger evaporated."

-"I looked at the growing pile of scrap metal and felt resentment works its way up my neck in hot waves. I hated being there. Not just because it was a Saturday and it was August, but because the work was a constant remind of my brothers absence."

-I have never seen my father break anything, my father who only ever put together or took apart. Even the dismantling of the vehicles in the field behind our house was purposeful and controlled."
All these quotes contribute greatly to the theme and how Daniel was dealing with an internal struggle and he was slowly starting to realize who his father truly was.
Don Aker is the award-winning author of 20 books, among them several bestselling novels for teens including The First Stone, The Fifth Rule, Running on Empty, and Delusion Road. The father of two daughters, Don has worked as a high school teacher, a literacy mentor, and a university instructor, and he is quick to point out that his work with teenagers shapes his realistic fiction: "Every novel I've ever written has grown out of my interactions with young people."

Don's experience as an educator not only informs his writing but also makes him ideally suited to give author talks and workshops for both students and teachers. "More than anything," he says, "I enjoy presenting to teens. I'm always floored by their courage and their honesty."
This symbolizes Daniel's goal, which is to be the best that he could be for his father. He wanted his father to show affection towards him just like he used to do to his older brother that had passed away. Therefore this symbolizes Daniel's mission.
What this basically symbolizes is Daniel's father and how he acted like the emotional stress hasn't gotten to him but instead it has and he had decided to cope with it in a different way that was similar to Daniel's way.
This symbolizes when Daniel started to feel a sense of resentment towards his father, specifically when he didn't come into the hospital. And he started to break down into tears from all the events that had happened between him and his father and that he had come to the conclusion that his father didn't care about him.
This symbolizes the loss of hope Daniel had toward life, specifically when he was in the waiting room with his brother that had passed away. Also throughout the story, he constantly got this feeling especially when his father wasn't satisfied with him and that he was inept and that he would never reach his expectations.
This symbolizes how Daniel ran away when he was called to the office and he knew that it was the death of his brother that was going to be approached about so he attempted to forget about it and get it over with by breaking his glasses.
The Significance of
the title "Scars"
The short story is referring to "scars", meaning more than one because the family has been going through both emotional and physical scars. Daniel's brothers death was the biggest scar that the family had to cope with, whereas Daniel getting hit with an axe was also a scar but it wasn't as hurtful to the entire family as the death was.
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