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Brett's Prezi

Clara Barton

Norton History

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Brett's Prezi

Clara Barton Clara Barton is a farm girl from Massachusett born December 25, 1821. She is also a farm girl she was the youngest child of five kids in her family Barton's cilvil war work began in April 1861. After the battle of Bull run she became a person who gave supplies for the wounded soliders. In July 1862 she obtained prmission to travel behind the ubtain lines. She was a red cross. Well acually president. of it for 22 years.
She also became angle of the battle feild because she helped so many people. It was like a angle coming down from the sky and healing you. She she didn't like slavery but she would not fight it. Barton also looked for missing soliders. Well how it started was she became a angle by Lincon because he was going to send alot of people to find missing soliders but then Clara Barton was going to look for the missing soilders and try to heal them or get them. I am amazed of what Clara Barton did for all those people she saved it was amazing. She even got the best prize of all the red cross. She got the Red Cross because she mediced at least 1000 people in the civil war. She was on the union side. I am suprised she survived. Some examples of Clara Barton is... she was like a person triing to get in there house but they can't because they are dum it was like when clara barton was tring to get in the battle but she couldn't because she was a girl but sooner or later she got in.
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