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A2 Coursework: Lawrence, Duffy, Plath

First session on coursework poets and authors

nicola gibson

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of A2 Coursework: Lawrence, Duffy, Plath

Relationships The Poetry of Lawrence,
Plath & Duffy DH Lawrence Carol Ann Duffy Havisham HAVISHAM is an exploration
of love turned
to hatred through the
bitterness of rejection Urban dictionary.
Havisham: To break up with someone after consciously exploiting their weakness of being in love, in order to reap the benefits (either materialistic or psychological) of said relationship. Often results in devastation on the affected party. Theif In The Night
From New Poems (1916).

Last night a thief came to me
And struck at me with something dark.
I cried, but no one could hear me,
I lay dumb and stark.

When I awoke this morning
I could find no trace;
Perhaps 'twas a dream of warning,
For I've lost my peace. D.H. Lawrence (1885-1930), English novelist,
storywriter, critic, poet and painter,
one of the greatest figures in
20th-century English literature. To demonstrate basic biographical knowledge of the poets Learning Objectives Whats in a Title Aim: To read and compare selected works of DH Lawrence, Sylvia Plath & Carol Ann Duffy Dh Lawrence
Carol ann duffy
Sylvia Plath Demonstrate ability to pick out key themes in poems by Lawrence, Duffy & Plath Demonstrate their ability to use those themes to compare and contrast the poets work. David Herbert Lawrence.
Born September 11, 1885,
Eastwood, Nottinghamshire "THIEF IN THE NIGHT"**

A short film produced for the 2010 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project*. Marden and Barkada, Inc. (youtube/barkadainc).

Synopsis: In the dead of night, a man recognizes the the price one has to pay for having what seems like a good thing. Not all thievery involves jewels and casino heists! Sylvia Plath On October 27, 1932,
Sylvia Plath was born
in Boston, Massachusetts. The intervention of God
comes much more like a thief in the night.” Individually write three ideas that you can take from this session to develop your coursework.
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