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from classroom to conference room!

Portrait of a Collaborator for Liz S.

Elizabeth Turner

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of from classroom to conference room!

from classroom to conference room!
Portrait of a collaborator
Liz Turner
I work for a software company as a
My role involves close interaction with
business requirements analysts
software developers
software testers
upper management
project stakeholders
project manager
When I collaborate at work,
I prefer one-to-one or small group settings
I draw my energy
when I'm

away from others
iNtuition - my "N" is off the charts!
When we work together, I will draw from
theory and background knowledge
I see patterns
in the puzzle
that make up
"the big picture"
I'll use mind maps to help sort the data
When YOU talk, I will listen.
Very slightly expressed "T" - Thinking
I will balance
to make a fair decision.
I approach life in an organized way.
I will plan ahead.
I am a creature of habit.
I value consistency.
Judgement - INTJ
Achievement/Affiliation are strong
Expressed need for Power
what does it mean?
Need to achieve means I seek out challenging assignments and crave feedback.
I value your opinion of my work.
Need for POWER means I like to own communication on our projects.
Let me craft the message.
It also means I like recognition for a job well done!
High need for affiliation means I will
(remember, introvert?) to:
attend company functions
build relationships with colleagues
try to get to know you
Balanced Achievement/Affiliation means
I use my connection with
and my persistence to reach desired outcomes to
with others to come to agreement.
a tasty resolution!
All images property of Liz Turner
except where otherwise noted.
image courtesy of Fly Photography.
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